Friday, 27 February 2009

gold teeth and a curse for this town...

hello!! the picture above is a small drawing my friend did of me very very quickly on scrap paper..i found it rather funny, so it made it on here :)
ah i am still trying to read my very old books about birds and animals for my work..ahhh i just cannot be bother to do reading at the moment...and i hate saying that.
oh wonderful news. in my city at the cinema you can choose a film that you want to play and you can dedicate it to anyone, but you have to pay £150 but you get 30 free tickets, and the public can go as well as they just have to pay for their ticket. you can pick any film, and it gets mentioned in the monthly guide/times for the film on at the cinema. however i feel that it is very expensive, but its a beautiful idea. when i read that people have dedicated certain films for peoples birthday, or just because they wanted too, it melts my heart. when i was in the cinema the other day i looked at the movies for the month that people had paid for, and what did i see, my favourite movie 'Garden State' month dropped open. if i could have picked any movie to be played it would have been this one. i never got to see this movie in the cinema. so i am going to go see it. i am very much looking forward to it. even though i have the DVD, i still feel the need to go see it. it will also be cool to see the people that it was put on for. and in this case the movie is: To celebrate Steph's 40th. :D
i was tagged by the beautiful lina to do the show me whats in your bag tag!! how cool! i sorted my bag out the day before, and it would have been more interesting but its not now! :)i now tag... Lottie, The Psychedelic Schoolgirl, Jane and Looking glass girl. enjoy!!!! :D

Thursday, 19 February 2009

glitter glitter all around..

reading reading. reading. i am still reading my background to birds and the drunken forest, they are rather interesting.i went in to the studios today, and did lots of bits and pieces, and random bits of art. just messing around really. drawing, reading and making. my friend is making art with lots of glitter and beads, so they were all over my table. i quite liked it. it was so sparkly!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

looking through boxes and boxes

lots and lots of cups of tea. tea in very old random cups. odd plates, and pretty patterns. i have always wanted to live back in the 60's and as soon as i walked through the tea room, i felt it.
also i went to the cattle market and found some wonderful items! the thing is with the cattle market, you kinda just have to look through lots and lots of random boxes full of different things, its all about the rummaging!!! :D i wanted to look for different objects to help me with my work, and i found some crackers. i found a small folder of a few birth certificates, and a couple of really old photos. i found an amazing telephone, which DOES WORK. i love it so much, and want it in my house forever! :) and other really odd bits and pieces.
as well as going to the cattle market. i went to an old bookshop that i had visited a couple of years ago. the smell is amazing. there is nothing better than the smell of piles and piles of old books. the books are stacked wall to wall, book to book. i found a few books about birds and other animals to help me with my uni work. i look forward to reading them!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

keep your bug eyes open....

random eyes in a bag....well they are only googly eyes anyway. hope everyone is good. the last couple of days have included random raspberry liquorice...long walks....random bug badge given to me by a friend....and lots of trips to the cinema.
ah its not long until i go to Rome!! woop woop! i am going with uni, so lots of fun to be had. lots of research to be done!! :Di was very happy to find out that i had been given this fabulous award by the psychedelic schoolgirl, thank you very much! it made me smile very much.
i now give this 'your blog is fabulous!' award to from lina, box of secrets, Let Nature Be, and One Long Road.
i was also surprised to find out that i had also been given this beautiful award by charlie, and its it amazing?? thank you also very much. :Di have also been tagged to do the 'four tag'...
A: Four places that I go to over and over: cinema, my flat, my room, my home. B: Four people who email me regularly: my old friend, stupid facebook updates, my dad, my friend sarah.
C: Four favourite smells: freshly cut grass, toothpaste, warm cookies, fresh bread.
D. Four places I would rather be right now: in an old book shop, a comic book store reading through the comics, watching twilight at the cinema again, in my lovely bed at home.
E: Four people I tag: Looking through mauve-colored glasses, from lina, The Psychedelic Schoolgirl, and The Crow and the Crab.
hope everyone is magic! :)

Friday, 6 February 2009

let the bird sing

ah it has been an odd few days. lots and lots of snow!! waking up and seeing the streets covered in snow is pretty cool. but however, no more snow pictures! :)
i went to the cinema a few times this week, i saw my bloody v in 3d, which was pretty cool! oh and i did see Milk, which i thought was so beautiful and moving.
other than seeing movies, i have been watching buffy. i used to watch it years ago, and i really felt like watching it recently...and so i am. i feel all young again! i love amber benson (tara) so much, i might do some research and see if she is in anything recent. oh i found my old bird cage necklace in a drawer yesterday!! its so cool, i forgot about it! its great to re-find things you forgot you had. :)

Monday, 2 February 2009

lucky? well over the rainbow.

aaaah it has been snowing!! eeek eek! its amazing!
aaaah! hope all is good. i have not posted, as it have been crazy. i have my year mid-point review exhibition, and everyones work was amazing! it was so nice to see it altogether for once. my rabbit made me proud. i am not sure what marks i will get, but it made me happy that a few people came and spoke to me about how much they loved the little god-parents went to new york for new years eve, and they brought me back some Lucky charms cereal, i love it so much!!! and wish they sold it in the UK!! i love America, and wish to be there. but i am happy to be eating this fab gift.
yay i saw Nick and Norah the other night!! ah now they did mess around with the book. well i know its only based on it...however it was still a good fun filled movie. with laughs and great the moment i am reading Yes Man, by Danny Wallace, he is AMAZING. i love him so much at the moment. he is so funny, and has an amazing way with words and how he writes. i love the book, because it is about him and its set in London. its a must read. i wanted to read it before i saw the film, but i didn't get round to it. i am in love with danny at the moment. :)
also at the moment i am wishing for a pen pal. my friend has the most amazing pen friends ever! i am very jealous. it must be fab to write to someone like that, and always looking forward to their reply! :)