Thursday, 28 April 2016

Artist Series: Flossy Watts

The next designer I am going to be blogging about is the amazing Flossy Watts. So Flossy Watts is a creative hub based in Kent. They create beautiful handmade jewellery which is completely different to anything I have seen before. Jane is the driving force behind it. Jane is probably one of the nicest and loveliest people I have ever met. She is so positive and creative. When I talk to her I always feel so inspired. I have recently got to know her better through the Made in Ashford shop where her work is for sale.
Jane creates her jewellery using lots of different types of material, and that's what I love about her work. I love that she works with wood, metals, paint, resin, and silicon. Because she works with lots of different materials she has a large line of work, which are all special in their own way. My favourite pieces are her wooden squares, which have silver designs on them. They are the perfect statement piece for anyone.
The last piece of her work I am swooning over is a gorgeous necklace which is made out of driftwood. I love the bright yellow and the textures of this wonderful piece.
You can find out more about Jane and the amazing jewellery she creates over on her website She is also on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
*Made in Ashford shop photos taken by me.
*Product photography taken from Flossy Watts etsy shop, where you can purchase these items.

Coffee date by the sea

Monday afternoon I met David for coffee. We decided to visit Very Vintage as we had a lovely time last visit.
The coffee shop always looks different, as the changing of stock helps. Lots of gems to look through. We ordered coffee and they appeared in the cutest China cups. Such a perfectly English way to drink coffee.
That morning I had managed to track down some of the Disney Lego mini figures which are meant to come out this week, but a store had them early. We opened them in the shop, and I was really happy with my pulls. Hurray for Disney Lego!
Then we went treasure hunting. I love looking through all the amazing vintage and charity shops by the sea. You never know what you will find, and that's always so exciting.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Wander always

Sunday Funday. Last week on Sunday I woke up earlier and wandered down to a local Bootsale. Didn't really find much, but did pick up a couple of mugs and a cute plushie. After I went into town for breakfast and a little stroll around.
I spent most of the day wishing that Star Wars was out that day, so I could watch it. The weather was lovely, and well into the evening it was perfect. After dinner walks with the family were a great end to the day.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Goodbye 28

So I am fast approaching my birthday. Last hour of being 28. I'm going into my final year of my 20s. Woah. How on earth did that happen?! You spend so much of your time wishing to be older, wishing to leave school, wishing to be old enough to go out for drinks with your friends, wishing working hours by, wishing days, weeks, months by for events, and then you stop and think maybe I shouldn't have wished away all that time. But then I stop and think that I have had lots of bad things in my life, and lots of amazing things happen to me. I'm thankful for all the people that have come through my life. They might not still be in my life, but they have had an impact on my life, they have shaped me, changed me, and made me stronger.
Whenever it's time for my birthday I always stop and think about the good in my life. This happiness helps me carry on, and pushes me to work harder. Getting texts from my friend Laura tonight made me so happy. We were just talking about normal things, but it made me remember how happy I am that she's in my life. Reading my friend Maggie's blog, and her mentioning me, I'm so happy she in my life. These are just two examples of wonderful people in my life. I am extremely lucky to have so many people, too many to name, in my life. Knowing you have people that love you keeps anyone going. It fills you with joy. Life is lonely. That's how most of my early life was. Not really being accepted for who I was, not really knowing if people were really my friends. But life is different now. I am loved by true friends.
I spent my last day of 28 with my mum, dad and sister. We went for coffee in town, and then lunch. We never really get to spend much time together just the four of us as we all have different schedules. Then in the evening we ordered pizza and watched Star Wars TFA for the second time this week. Now I'm tucked up in bed listening to the calm noises outside while laying in the darkness. Bring it on 29, I'm excited for all you have for me. New challenges in life, meeting new people, exploring new places, and loving everyone who loves me back. Life is so short, lets embrace it, love it, and mostly live it.

Kent Bloggers Day: Park Mall Ashford

On Friday I was invited to Ashford's Bloggers Day in Park Mall. I am very proud to be part of an amazing group of shops and talents makers in Park Mall. I met my wonderful fellow blogger pal, Charis of Floralfrosting for coffee. We talked about life, had a couple of laughs, took some photos, and enjoyed our coffees.
Then it was time to go pick up our goody bags! Happy & Glorious was the base for the Bloggers Day. We walked in and Kate greeted us with smiles. It's always smells amazing in Happy & Glorious. The shop sells products that are made in the UK, to support British manufacturing, and the designers.
I am a sucker for cards, and a collector of course! I fell in love with the cards on Friday. Pretty shiny foil cards are always a good idea. After purchasing a few bits and pieces, we picked up our goody bags with lots of wonderful gifts. Most of the goodies were from Made in Ashford and my dear colleagues.
We popped into the store, and it was looking as beautiful as ever. Plus the store was very busy! Lots of people enjoying the amazing pieces that we all make. These are a few snaps of the store, Aye Aye, Juju Art, and Lucy Alice Designs' work.
I also admire the wonderful window displays in Emporia. The new amazing cloud one really made me smile, after all I am a fan of clouds.
Their store is always full of bright fabrics, perfect for any project. You can pick up lots of materials, I love all the Star Wars fabric they have. In general the store is always bright and inspiring.
I am very proud of Ashford and the shops that are popping up! Life is good, and more and more people are being creative and opening up stores. I feel so lucky to be a part of a wonderful moment and community in Ashford. Here's to more great places and new people making this little twin greater.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Coffee date

The other day I had a creative meeting with some pals in the coolest coffee shop/vintage store. I got to Very Vintage in Herne Bay a little earlier so I could just relax before the meeting.
I ordered my coffee, and it appeared in the cutest teacup which was a lovely surprise. I also ordered a brownie which came with a tiny pot of cream. Just too cute to handle, and very delicious too!
Having coffee surrounded by lots of gorgeous clothes is amazing but also dangerous for my wallet. After a while the others turned up and we had a great meeting planning a few upcoming events. Being creative is always the main drive in my life, it keeps me going, keeps me happy, but it's also giving me amazing friends and artists to work with.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Keep strong it's Spring

So my friend Bunny suggested I talk about Spring for a blog post. When I think about Spring, I always think about my birthday, which happens to be next week. I have decided all I want to do is watch the new Star Wars film and eat pizza. That's my plan. Oh and maybe have some cake, but I can't decide what cake I want.
I'm really enjoying finishing work and the evenings are still so light. I enjoy the long walks with a warm air and seeing all the pretty new flowers beginning to bloom.
I haven't been feeling myself recently. It's hard to explain. I am a happy person and a lucky person. I just need to believe this more, keep going, and keep positive. Life is good. People are good, and the good people stay with you. They shape you, and help you live your life. Hurray for those people, the ones you can't live without. Also, special shout out to my awesome friend Maggie, she posted this photo of one of her doodles. It made me smile. I'm sure she doesn't mind me sharing.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Recent purchases

I am always drawn to pretty, cute, fun things, like my amazing Barry M mermaid nail varnish! I couldn't take it off! So gorgeous. My purchases are normally things I don't actually need, I just want. These are a few of my recent purchases.
I always nip in Wilkos for my stationary bits and pieces, and I was picking up glue and boring pens and I spotted these amazing animal paperclips. How cool are these?! I have seen the same style of these before but they were a lot more in price. These were only £1 a pack. There are 4 packs, and I will be going back for the Dog pack soon! Perfect for letters and keeping my work in order while  looking super cute.
I love Toys R Us. I haven't been to a store in the UK for ages. I went when I was in the US last year, and it was so fun. So myself and my best friend took a trip recently. I finally managed to find some of the Inside Out pops! So I have added Sadness and Disgust to my pop collection. These two ladies are just the sweetest.
I ended up in Tiger on Sunday, and of course I always end up with a bag full of goodies. Currently at the moment there is a gorgeous pastel themed going on. I brought a couple of pieces. A perfect tiny plate, which will be used for treats and a wonderful drinking glass. Oh plus I picked up some gold paper straws. I'm looking forward to using them for my upcoming birthday.  
So many treasures! Plus my giant haul from Primark at the weekend. Forever spending money in that store. I'm always looking forward to visiting my favourite shops again!