Monday, 29 September 2008

keep on keeping on

ah i started sorting, and packing my stuff for going back to uni. its so weird thinking about going back. i have really got used to being at home..with my family and friends, and doing the same things, seeing the same people, and its all gonna be gone until Christmas. don't get me wrong, i am really looking forward to being back at uni with my friends, and my cute flat in the city center...but its so sad to leave home again. well, its the last year i guess. last summer as a student as flown, i guess time does fly.aaaah its official i am addicted to the twilight series!! ah i really can't put the books down..where have they been! i can't believe it taking me this long to go and buy them and start reading them. and i keep watching the trailer for the movie...oh i cannot wait!! i have always like Robert Pattinson..lots and lots, from when he was in harry potter and a bad mothers handbook..but i am much more in love with him playing Edward. i am probably sounding very geeky! :) but now i am on to the 3rd book.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

the start of something new

now i have to admit, i wasn't one of these people that read Twilight when it came i guess i am not a true hard core fan. however, recently i have heard alot about the new book that is out at the moment, and lots and lots about the out and coming film which will be out very soon. on holiday i popped into a supermarket and i saw the first book; Twilight, on the shelf and i thought i would give it a go and see what its like. as i thought i would end up going to see the movie, i wanted to read the book first. as soon as my eyes hit the first few words, i could not put the book down. i couldn't go to sleep last night as i really wanted to keep on reading. the words, story, characters are so compelling and addictive. i am now starting the next book. and i can safely say i am in love.
as soon as i had finished the first book, i searched for the trailer for the movie. i was very happy to find out that Robert pattinson was playing Edward *as i love him*, and as soon as i saw the trailer i knew it was gonna be good. and it also looks like the film will be loyal to the book. i am now looking forward to carry on reading. :)

Friday, 26 September 2008

5 beautiful days

ah i am back from my week days away..and it was lovely. peace and quiet...a chance to chill out....and get a cold! oh well i still had a wonderful time. i don't think i have laughed quite as much as i did in just those days. i had lots of laughs with my father, mother and sister. it was really nice being in the outdoors, surrounded by nature. and we had very cute animals coming up to our Villa everyday..cute squirrels, ducks, rabbits and even a very young deer. it was so refreshing being in the woods, or "being back with nature". it was wonderful walking up in the morning listening to the birds singing, and squirrels running across the roof, eating breakfast looking out at the woods with the sun shining, taking the 10min walk into the village square to go swimming, go shopping to pick up food and gift for friends, or even for a coffee or a pancake. it just felt really nice to relax and take things really cool thing that me and my sister loved, was the Sherbet machine!! in this amazing sweet shop you got little tubes and filled it up with different types/flavours of sherbet; including cranberry, strawberry, orange, cola, bubblegum, lime, peach and so many more..and they looked so pretty, and very yummy too.

100th post

oh my goodness...its my 100th post! wow. i never thought i would make it to 100. it makes me want to carry on with this blog. to celebrate my 100th post i wanted to share my find of the day, from last week. its a bag i found at a boot sale we did before we went on holiday. it was a bargain, its beautiful..i love it. tonight i am going to chill out and watch Tin Man on DVD and eat a couple of really cute chocolates that i got on holiday.thank you for reading my blog, it makes me feel so happy. i love all your wonderful and insightful blogs. :)

Sunday, 21 September 2008

just relax

off on holiday...i am going away for a few day with my family. its going to be really nice. we are going to center parcs, which is in the woods, with cute little cabins. i am looking forward to really nice evenings, and family fun....and time to just relax. :)
hope everyone is wonderful, and speak to you all soon.

Friday, 19 September 2008

watch out, there is an ewok about

(my find of the day was this really sweet ewok, which someone left at very cute. he was found on Wednesday) today we were sorting through lots of bits and bobs in the house, sorting things out to take to a boot sale on Sunday. we are hoping to make a little more money to take with us when we go on holiday on Monday. every little helps of course! while looking through my stuff i found this really scary/odd rabbit that my friend gave me a few years ago, because "she thought i would like it"..ha ha.other than sorting things out i have not done alot today, which has been kinda nice...but later got a little bored and found some images of finger people, and ended up drawing on my fingers in the afternoon. in the photo below, i think i was watching heroes..well that's what was on the telly its now coming into these fall/winter nights, i am looking to Saturday night telly to keep me happy. as robin hood is not back till early next year, and doctor who is not back until Christmas, i have a new show to watch; Merlin. i am looking forward to watching this show as it seems like it will be a bit of fun and magical at the same time.

Monday, 15 September 2008


plus, other than my mirror when i was hunting in the garage to find my typewriter (as parents had put it in there!!) plus from the text you can see i spelt typewriter wrong..its so hard to get used to the fact you cannot go back and change anything if you go wrong!! but i will get used to it. :) i found my mirror i brought at the start of the summer, its so lovely. i cannot wait to use it. i went to see Pineapple Express the other night. now i love all the other movies Seth rogen has been in on, and worked with, and was hoping that this movie would be just as good. when the movie started one of the first faces i see is Bill hader, now he is a funny guy and as soon as i saw his face i laughed out loud...the audience in the cinema must have thought i was crazy. the film has some funny moments mixed in with action. Seth rogen is cute and funny as always. however i have always like James Franco, and think he is a good actor, but in pineapple express i was blown away. he is so funny as this down-on-his luck drug dealer, who enjoys life. i was listening to the radio the other day and the presenter was talking to Seth rogen about how she liked James as the "dirty James" rather than his normal clean self. and i have to admit, he did look rather good and cute. :)oh my goodness, forgetting Sarah Marshall came out today, and i am on my second viewing of today. oh i love it even more than i thought i did. the film has some hilarious, laugh out loud, one liners. the film has an amazing cast, who i love all very much. however i am more in love with Jason segal at the moment, as i have been watching re-runs of how i met your mother. i had a really nice day off work, and looking forward to a new day tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

and life goes on

so the world did not end...well not yet anyway! i really got scared out about the story of scientists re-creating the big bang. there had been lots of talk about this ending the world. Stephen Hawkins believed this would not end the world, and would be safe. this experiment might even help cure some cancers, but only time will tell. i still kinda think that just because some thing didn't happen now with the big bang experiment today, it doesn't mean in a few days, or years that it may then have an creeps me out thinking about it. end of the world always sounds scary.
anyway onwards and upwards...i found this little article about Will Arnett and Amy Poehler. Amy is pregnant and is expecting to give birth this fall! i really did not know about that. but how amazing will their child be!! Will and Amy are both hilarious and awesome. .celebrity-babies.last night i watched a mini movie awards chosen by the pubic. i was very happy to see Juno take best comedy, as i thought sex and the city would get it. i was jumping around! and Olivia was there, so that was great to see her! other winners were Indy, mamma mia, wall-e, the dark knight and many others. the show also showed trailers of up and coming movies that i am going to have to look forward to in the next coming months. it made me then start to think about the movies that i love, and will always love forever.

Monday, 8 September 2008

most excited about...

hey everyone! today was an sort of early start. went to work today, it was so busy!! the time went just like that. for the rest of this post i am gonna go on and on about what i am most excited about at the moment....
1. How I Met Your Mother- All i am doing is watching re-runs of How I Met Your Mother, i can't get enough of it!! its so sweet and funny. i always picture myself in a few years time (hopefully) living in the u.s and having so much fun with friends.
2. Pez- I can't stop buying Pez machines. Ever since i was a little kid i always looked forward to getting a new Pez. I can't get enough of them!
3. Jeremy Warmsley- he is an amazing singer/performer. his music touches my soul. an amazing mix of folktronica and pure talent. he is amazing live, and i cannot stop listening to him. and i am looking forward to hopefully seeing him again. you must check him out!
4. Forgetting Sarah Marshall- I can't get enough of this movie!! I am looking forward to when it gets released next week!! yahoo! it such a fun and cute fun. Jason Segal is wonderful.5. Pineapple Express- I am really looking forward to seeing Pineapple Express at the cinema. i love all the other type movies, aka; Superbad, Knocked up, 40 Year Old Virgin, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. i am much in love with seth rogen. he is a genius and very cute might i add! :)6. Being indoors when the weather is nasty outside- well kinda said it all in the title. well its so nice being in the nice and warm with a hot drink looking out on the cold outside.
7. Olivia Thirlby- I think Olivia Thirlby is an amazing actress. i thought she was great in juno as leah and i really wanted to see her in the wackness...but that is another story..(stupid cinema..) (tv/movie/people stills from google) :)

Saturday, 6 September 2008

sick for art

had a rather weird day today. the weather has been horrible!! raining all day, and night long!! and its still raining now! so the weather did not put me in a good mood today. anyway, after work i came home and chilled out with my parents and sister. later on, i started to sort some bits and pieces out as i am trying to get rid of lots of bit and pieces that i do not need anymore. and i was very happy to come across a few things i have not seen in quite sometime. i found my biscuit necklace which i made last year, which i have been looking for!! i always seem to find things when i am not looking for them. :) i love my biscuit necklace! it is a biscuit with a hole cut through, and then covered in simple, and it looks kinda odd, which i like.i also found my really cool white bracelet. it so pretty. i thought i had lost this!also today i found these; tucked away in my bookcase. they are air sickness bags from when i went to Florida a few years ago. they are have artwork on, which made me want to collect them! i never needed to use any on them on the plane, but ended up walking around the plane trying to find as many different ones as i could. these are just a few of my favourite ones that i got. don't you just think that they like the coolest things ever!! i love finding bits of art everywhere, and the stranger the better!! :)

Friday, 5 September 2008

poor jim

this is my little mate. i got him today. he reminds me of one of my old friends, who i love very much. she had one just like this, hence he reminds me of her. normally with me, when it comes to movies, if i like the poster, or the trailer, or just hear a little bit about a movie, i know whether i will like it or not. for an example, when i saw the movie poster for eagle vs shark (the sleeping bag pic) i knew i would love this film. or when i heard Ellen page speak in the first few secs of Juno, i knew i would like it. today i went into town and went into my local music and DVD store and was looking through the DVDs. while walking up and down the aisles, i found two movies that just on the titles and image alone, i wanted to have a look. i know you should never judge a book by its cover, but for me, with movies, sometimes it works. these movies were; Lonesome Jim and the Puffy Chair. if any of you have every watched these movies, please let me know what they are like!! :) i read the backs of the DVDs, and they left me wanting more, however i did not buy these there and then as i wanted to do a little more research about these films. as i have seem to have any paper on me i ended up writing the titles on my hand, this really odd looking girl gave me a really weird look..i don't know what that was about.also today i purchased the she and him album, which i was very happy to find, as everywhere i have looked has been out of stock, also once soundtrack and hot chips new-ish album. very much happy with my new music, as i have not brought a cd in such a long time.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

nerd guys? yes please!

right this very moment i am watching, or listening to the big bang theory. i found a tape, which my dad was so kind enough to tape a few episodes for me as i love it so much! i would marry anyone of those cute geeky guys. this show really makes me wanna live in a flat across the hall from comic book reading, computer game playing, cute nerds. im in love with guys that know their comics and sci-fi stuff. (big bang pictures found from google)today i found my 'paint your own' piggy bank i got such a long time ago. i also brought these for some of my friends as i think they are fun gifts, and every ones will be different. i have never really known what to/and how to paint it. hmmmm...any ideas anybody?? well so far i have used my ribbon from the last post to brighten he/she up...not sure what to do next.....because i cannot decide what to do with my piggy bank...i am starting to think about one little book that i own. little miss fickle. basically little miss fickle can never make up her mind, and is always changing it. that is me!!had a normal day at work today. and i am looking forward to a few days off. plus i get paid on Friday!! yay yay, i cannot wait!! :)