Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Christmas time

Lots of Christmas cheer was had in my home over Christmas. Only problem with my job is that I only get the one day off. Getting up at 4am to go to work at 5am on Boxing Day was awful, but I did it. Anyway back to Christmas, I got woken up by David, I was basically dragged out of bed. I could of slept for days. I opened my wonderful stocking presents from David. That boy knows me too well.
We then waited for my grandparents to come round for lunch. Mum was amazing in the kitchen, the food always tastes the best. I always look forward to Christmas dinner.
We then spent the rest of the day opening presents from each other, eating good food and spending time together. It's so easy to get swept up in life, but for one day the pace was slow and relaxed. I got lots of wonderful presents, including tickets to see Book of Mormon with David! I'm so excited! The new year is fast approaching! Hope you all enjoy the last moments of 2015.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Winter Makers Market

Last month my group Made in Herne Bay hosted our Winter Makers Market at the Kings Hall. It was an exciting time. We all couldn't wait for this event, and we had been planning it for a long time.
We had our group members showing and selling their work, plus we invited a few local sellers and friends to join in for the night.
We told lots of people about the event and we used social media to help! But we couldn't believe the amount of people that came that evening! The hall was packed! Lots of happy, friendly faces all here to see us and buy our wares. It's so lovely to spend an evening selling your work and meeting such wonderful people. I love doing craft fairs and events because you get the chance to talk to people about your work. It's a lovely experience, and meeting people that love my work is always a buzz!
I have been working on new ways to display my work and I was very proud of my table at this event.
All of us at #MIHB can't wait to start organising our events for the new year ahead. You can find out about more of the artists in #MIHB on our Twitter/Facebook and Instagram pages!

Monday, 14 December 2015

May The Toys Be With You

So it's December and the brand new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, comes out this week. The Beaney museum in Canterbury just opened their doors to their new exhibition; 'May the Toys be with you'. As a Beaney Blogger I have been looking forward to this show all year!
When I walked through the doors, the first thing that struck me was the fact there were lots of small children with their parents. Watching them point out classic characters to their parents instantly made me smile. I still love the fact Star Wars can still attract all different ages, and the adults who grew up with it can pass on their love for these films to their children. Like George Lucas has been said to have said that he makes films for children, however adults seem to enjoy them too.
The collector in me was instantly drawn to the cabinets filled up with Star Wars merchandise, which included lots of loose action figures. It was amazes me that George Lucas kept merchandise rights. He knew he wanted to create so many action figures, that's why he created so many characters, however I'm sure he never knew how successful the films would actually be.
One of my favourite parts of the show was the large film posters. They have a few that show the difference while they were editing and updating the images. It was great to see so many together in one place. Plus they look great on a white wall, perfect for any home!
There are lots of colouring in sheets and activities for children to do. I was very tempted by a Han Solo picture. Plus there were a few costumes for children to try on! I saw a small girl get dressed up like Darth Vader, and she looked super happy about it!
Star Wars has been such an important part of my life growing up. It meant so much to me as a kid in the 90s being able to go to the cinema and see a brand new Star Wars film. I went to see The Phantom Menace 3 times with my Dad. My Dad was always a huge fan of SW, in fact our loft is full up with all this collectables. Having an awesome Dad who loves the originals gave me a chance to become a fan before the prequels came out. I got to experience that buzz of 3 new films. Now thinking about this week I shall be sitting in a cinema, popcorn in hand, ready to see a brand new film, taking the franchise far into the future and fills me with utter joy. Make sure you go and see this wonderful show, it's on until March.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas is fast approaching!

It's December and Christmas is fast approaching! I feel like I have so much to do! But of course because I work full time, trying to fit everything in is hard work. I have been busy purchasing my Christmas presents for friends and loved ones. I also treated myself to Christmas Pez! I was very excited when I found them! One of my favourite Christmas activities is putting together stockings! I love finding lots of cute little presents and then wrapping them in pretty paper. Another favourite thing to do it sit down with a giant mug of hot chocolate and watch Christmas films. I have a huge list to get through this year. However I am most excited to start decorating the tree.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Adventure to Brighton

A few weeks ago I jumped on a train to the seaside town of Brighton to see my best friend Mandy. I met Mandy at the station and we wandered down the lanes, catching up, telling stories, laughing and just having a super time. And of course taking photos.
We nipped in and out of wonderful shops, and we did purchase a few bits and pieces. I always love how inviting the shops in Brighton are. The window displays always draw me in.
Then we decided to grab lunch, and we wanted to go to the Breakfast Club. I had the berries pancakes, and it was so delicious! Plus I had a super smiley giant mug of tea.
Brighton is a favourite place of mine. It's close to my heart. I look forward to my next visit. I hope it's soon.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Made in Ashford's pop up shop

A little while ago I was lucky enough to be asked if I would like to put my work in a new pop up shop. I am very grateful for all the people I have met who have all helped me move forward with my work. It's funny how you can meet people, and then they can introduce you to other arty people. I jumped at the chance to have my work for sale in my home town.
Made in Ashford is a brand new little pop up shop in Ashford. It's full of wonderful artists and makers coming together to sell their work.
It's great to be part of such an amazing group of makers selling our work in the cutest shop over Christmas. Meeting new makers and making new friends really make this such a special opportunity. It's the perfect place to pick up Christmas presents. If you live in Kent, make sure you pop in!