Hello, it's Nicola!

I'm an artist and blogger. I'm a lover of rings, giant jumpers, tea and comic books. I am a true collector. I love to collect toys, postcards, records and cute stationary. I enjoy taking photos and having adventures. Currently living and working in Kent, England.

I created my blog when I was at university a very long time ago. It all started out as a way to document my life because my memory isn't very good! 5 years ago I travelled all the way to Seattle from the UK to meet 7 other bloggers for the first time. We now meet up every year with other bloggers who are a part of our blogging family. I met wonderful friends, visited amazing places and countries through my blog and that's all thanks to blogging.

Then I started using my blog for posting my artwork. Social media really helped me with creating my artwork and defining my style. I started to post snap shots of my desk, sneaky peaks at work in progress, and chosen materials helped me gain confidence. The positive feedback from wonderful bloggers and instagrammers gave me the push I needed to start creating work to sell. Paper inspires my artwork, from vintage books, to sheet music and cigarette cards. I have always been inspired by the sky. This led to clouds and rain. The raindrop is a beautiful shape and still remains the leading presence in my work. My clouds are very close to my heart because that's where it all started. I have recently started working on brooches based on my current designs which I have been selling at local craft fairs, along with my prints and cards.

When I'm not working on new pieces, I'm going on adventures. Whether that's a little trip to the seaside, walking round a local art gallery or spending a day hoping from tearoom to coffee shop. Sitting down in a quite tearoom with a pretty cup of tea and a new comicbook is simply my idea of heaven.

You can see what adventures I am up to day to day over on my instagramfind my paper inspired prints/cards/brooches over in my etsy or find me on twitter.

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