Sunday, 19 September 2010


well, i am hopefully getting my adventure very soon. well to honest, i think i am getting a few! planning to meet up with my friends from uni very soon, which i am super happy about. its hard for us all to get together as we all live in different places, and have different jobs, but we have manged to set a date.
i am going on my woodland holiday with my family tomorrow, which is going to be really nice. i cannot wait to just escape for a little bit, have some time off work, chill out, and just have fun. i am looking forward to my holiday because i get to draw, swim, go on lovely walks, take photos, watch movies with my family, visit different places...eee, i cannot wait.
other than that, i have not really been up to much other than working...which is fine because i enjoy work, but on the other hand it isn't. my dad brought me a couple of old Sherlock Holmes books, which i have started to read. i love the way the books are written. for some reason i have gotten back into playing my really old Pokemon games, which is kinda awesome. i have just been reading lots and lots of magazines. oh and i have been getting my atc's ready for an exhibition. when i get back from holiday, i am a fun filled trip planned with my lovely friend---which i cannot wait for! plus extra night shifts, a trip to see my friend perform at a comedy club, and re-watching glee.


Sophia said...

I've always wanted to read Sherlock Holmes, but never got around to it! I LOVED mysteries as a kid; I read every Nancy Drew twice. I'm gonna have to go to the library and get myself a Sherlock Holmes.

Hope all is well! :)

lina said...

OMG i have to get my atcs ready too!!!! i totally forgot!! THANK YOU for reminding me. aaahhh!!!

p.s. have fun nicola!!! almost done with your letter : )

Allison said...

Ah, I love mysteries! Especially anything by Agatha Christie.
Yay for old pokemon games. I love going back and playing yellow version or the pokemon trading card game every now and then. :P

* * * said...


I've returned to the land of blogging (used to write peculiar tallulah) with a new blog, paper dreams.

Sherlock! I love Sherlock (the programme) and the book one. I got a Readers Digest collectors Sherlock Holmes for 25p the other day.

I hope everything is going awesome for you :)

Sarah~Mechelle said...

I hope you always find adventures! Cause there are so many to be had.

Sherlock Holmes always gives one the eye for looking for mystery, and clues to the unknown... It certainly took me to another time. ENJOY!

Jane said...

hello, I'm back from my trip.
Did you get my postcard and letter?