Monday, 7 March 2011

kinda awesome day

today has been kinda awesome.
first, a lay-in, which was lovely. listening to stupid birds making crazy nosies, was pretty nice this morning.
so mr postman brought me my new 'oh comely magazine'. i ripped over the envelope and pulled out the magazine, turned to the letter page, and there in the top left hand corner was my letter that i sent in. i sent a letter in a while ago, and they printed it! i eeeked out loud. well to be honest i flicked to the page and had a quick look and thought oh they didn't, then i looked closer and saw that they had. the letter was about me and lina, and how awesome she is a good day.
at the moment i am thinking about whether i should eat these crazy blue chick marshmallows i got in Brighton or keep them...what to do..what to do.


Liz said...

this gives me a major peep craving.

Laura said...

yay! I noticed your letter in the magazine too and was really pleased :)

lina said...

oh nicola!! this is so fantastic! i'm so excited that this happened. it's awesome. let's do more with here & there, k? : )
hope you are well my friend. i'm working on putting a package together for you. hopefully i'll get it out on monday!

Allison said...

Eek! Never eat peeps! Never, never, never!!! (Can you tell that I don't like them?) :-)