Thursday, 8 September 2011

that's where you belong

today has been one of those days. blah. i don't really know where to start. maybe the beginning would be a good idea. ok, so woke up this morning like any other. i had such a giant headache, i felt so sick. went downstairs to find my dad sitting on the sofa with the same problem. only to hear that mum went to work with a really bad headache. this is weird.

ok, so anyway day goes on (no work today, day off), i then check this forum thingy to see if there are any updates on my convention in October, to then read a post that said a HUGE guest would be announced tonight at 7pm...the words huge were in caps and were in bold, so i knew this was gonna be big. so many ideas, and rumours had been going around in my head. there had been alot said about a giant doctor who guest, like Billie, or Christopher, or David or Matt. anyway day goes on, head doesn't get better even though i have taken medicine.

i sorted my phone out so i can get email on it, because i was getting fed up of keep logging in and checking to see if i got my pottermore email. and then it happened. there was a beep noise on my phone, and i thought to myself for a spilt second "that's my pottermore email"...and then thought, "nah, its not", so went back to doing what i was doing. about 32mins later, i checked my email to find i did in fact have my pottermore email. then i ran to the computer, logged on...and wow...pottermore is so pretty. got my wand. got a house. i was super scared about being sorted after J.K.Rowling talks to you about it. but i ended up being ravenclaw. i kinda love it. its perfect. so its 6.55pm, and i turn to my dad and say..."omg, who is this guest gonna be" he says he knows who its gonna be, but wont tell me, and he also tells me not to get excited. so i go upstairs to the computer to find out...the walk up the stairs seems like mega long, so long. log on to the website, it crashes..i think, damn...its a sign. get on to the page, and i see David Tennant's name staring back at me. my mouth kinda drops...i stare at it for a few seconds..then click the link. and hes only going Sunday...and i am going Saturday. its David i am going both days now. i have to. hes my all time favorite.

i have to go.

i just have to.

his autograph is like £45...i think that's far too much. I would rather spend £35 on a photo shoot (which i have), plus i already have his autograph, and at least i get to meet him..and touch him..maybe get a hug. to be honest, i feel like crying a little. its insane. i am so sorry about this stupid post.
also..i still have a headache.


Bookish.Spazz said...

I'm in Ravenclaw as well! I'm DragonAuror4 if you want to add me!

Sorry about your massive headache... I hope it's not anything too serious.

OMG DAVID TENNANT IS THE BEST. PLLLEEAAASEEEE post pictures when you meet him!

sara tee said...

i have a crazy heachache too for some reason,and i never get them. and you absolutely have to go! no exceptions!!/_saratee

Maggie Shirley said...

Your comment on my blog made me smile really big, and then I accidentally hit delete instead of publish, so I had to copy and paste it from the e-mail and post it myself, haha. <3

I am very sorry that you and your parents have had headaches all day. :(

BUT HOORAY for your Pottermore e-mail and DAVID TENNANT. I would definitely go both days regardless of cost if I were you.

AND HOORAY FOR RAVENCLAW. Now let's see if I ever get my e-mail and if I am in Ravenclaw like I hope I am. That's three of the blogging family in Ravenclaw. AH THE ANXIETY.

Natalie said...

Any day that starts out with a headache doesn't usually turn out to be a particularly good one...


I am so excited for you to meet David Tennant! Ah! TAKE A MILLION ZILLION PICTURES.

Bethany Heron said...

Hope you feel better soooon!! :)
and omg david tennant!! xxxx

Molly ♥ said...

Awsome, I hope you are feeling better soon :)

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

That's a brilliant guest. I hope your headache's now gone lovely, I hate not knowing what the cause of stuff is. x hivenn