Thursday, 6 October 2011

the best weekend

so, the weekend was awesome. like insane. got the train at 6.30am on Saturday. got to London just after 8. and then met my friends from Liverpool, Jessica and Victoria in the giant queue. i was surrounded by lots of dressed up people, lots of Amy pond's, the 10th doctor's, 11th doctors---dressed in cowboy hats and bow ties. once in, we ran to Evanna's desk and waited for her to appear. we were going to be the first, so that was gonna be cool. we were waiting there and Arthur darvill walked past...kinda 'eeked' out loud. when evanna turned up she was so lovely. we spoke to her for ages. she really seemed to want to listen and talk to me. she made me feel so special. she was just so warm and friendly. she signed my wand and a photo of herself. then later we met Arthur. i told him that i loved his bowler hat. he said thanks, however he was only wearing it due to the fact his hair was a mess. he then took his hat off and shook his hair in my face and said 'LOOK'. he signed an American doctor who comic i had got last week, which he was on front. he looked at it for a bit and was like, 'what is this?!?' he liked it very much. we then gave him an elephant hand puppet, and Matt smith has a badger, and Karen Gillan has a fox, he had to have an elephant, as 'he is the nose' haha. he liked it very much, and even remembered to bring it to our photo shoots to have it in the photo. i had an awesome Saturday, met lots of people, spoke to lots of fans, brought some cool little bits, went to the Harry Potter talk and the Doctor Who talk, and just had fun.Sunday morning i had to get up early again, as i went back. today was David tennant day. i really couldn't believe that morning today was the day i would finally meet David tennant, after all these years...watching Casanova, doctor who, everything...i really wasn't mentally prepared. so went with dad on the Sunday morning. got there, and everything seemed calm. although when it was photo shoot time, everyone went crazy. so many people who have never been to any of these events before really were not listening to anyone. i was in the queue with three people cosplaying as doctor who characters and a guy behind me. people keep asking us, is this the queue for David tennant photo shoot. we said yes and asked what number, keep in mind they were only calling numbers 1-100 tickets. and these people had 435, or like 698...we told them to come back later...but they would just stand was really crazy. we just couldn't understand why they wouldn't listen. anyway, all the way in the queue we were talking about how weird this felt, finally being able to meet him. the queue was going so fast, and i realised i would only have a few seconds. but to be honest, anything would be enough. walking up to someone to like super love, in insane. i really don't think i will ever be able to explain it. people at work keep asking me, what was it like...but i never really know the right words. while i was watching other people in front of me go first, sometimes he smiled with his teeth, other times he had his mouth shut. he looked straight at me and said hello. he put his arm around me. i was thinking, please smile with your teeth...please. i looked out the corner of my eye...and he did. he was so lovely. if i had got his autograph i might of had a little more time with him...but i already have it a few times, and couldn't really afford it. i had such an awesome weekend. i still cant believe that i have finally met David. i thought i would meet him when he was old and grey. and that i met Evanna and Arthur, who were ever so lovely and funny. i missed doctor who...but i watched it when i got it. man, that was one weird episode. i do feel i need to watch it again. arrggh, hurry up Christmas...Saturday nights are going to be strange without it. back to normal everyday stuff now.


Ada Beth Croft said...

That seems like a story to pass down to grandchildren! How exciting(:
Love the photos, that guy with the bowler cap seems super interesting!

Natalie said...






Bookish.Spazz said...

NICOLA I ENVY YOUR LIFE AND PICTURES AND LET'S FACE IT: EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gah I want them to come to the states SO badly, but alas, even if they did they'd never come anywhere near Texas :/

Anonymous said...

Gosh this is so amazing, I bet you can't wait to get them framed :D

mayte michelle. said...

I'm so glad you met them. haha.