Friday, 30 March 2012

you ready yet?

The weather has been beautiful recently, and has really put me in a good mood. All week, i wanted to go for a walk in the sunshine, to you readywear my sunnies and have an ice cold cider in a pub garden.
Also this week i have had a few rather long shifts, and have been working quite hard...night shifts and all that. coming home really early in the morning has been really nice. listening to the birds and the fact its really light out now in the mornings is lovely. anyway, after a long night shift i came home and slept for a little bit, and then I went to Canterbury with my friend Sarah. it was time to get our comic books. I really need a new comic book to get into...and i think i have found it. Although i am feeling the need to start up a batman or something. Any recommendations?
I found these beauties. Jane Austen in comic book form?!? and they are made by marvel. I hope they do more of her stories.

The whole week has been super sunny. i think went on a picnic yesterday with Charlotte and Mel. So many types of random foods and lots of sun. Charlotte took these photos. I love her.
I cant wait for my birthday, purely just because i really need a week off work...and also because my friends are coming to stay. Plus, i have the Harry Potter Studio Tour that week too. GAH. too excited. getting freaked out about turning 25 though. same age as Darren Criss. i really dont know why i wrote that last line...i really can't think of a reason.


Bookish.Spazz said...

NNNNNICOLA! You're so freaking cool!

Gah! Those Jane Austen comics look freaking amazing! I haven't read any comics in a LONG time so I'm afraid I wouldn't have any decent recommendations.

Your picnic looked super fun! The weather is nice over in Texas as well. I really need to take some pictures!

Correen said...

Good Post! Jealous of the picnic and comic book shopping. ;-) Being 25 is ok I started my blog at 25. I'm a bit scared of turning 26 in June... sure it'll be ok.

Kayleigh said...

As always, lovely pictures! :)

lina said...

awww nicola! i like this post. jane austen comics!? sooo cool! & canterbury with sarah :) & picnics with charlotte :) sooo fun!!
what are you planning to do for your birthday? drink shop do by any chance?

Charlotte Judge said...

it was a beautiful picnic <3

Ada Beth Croft said...

What a cute picnic! I love the flower picture, and ohhh all that food made me so hungry.

Your sunglasses are very stylish, love this post, :)

Natalie said...

It looks gorgeous there. Definitely opportune picnicking weather! Omnomnom. And holy crap, whoever thought to put Jane Austen into comic book form is kind of awesome.

Um, BECAUSE DARREN CRISS. THAT'S WHY. :) 25 just sounds like a great age to be for some reason.

Sparklegirl said...

Those Jane Austen comics look amazing! I need to find them. As for other comics, I'm really enjoying Morning Glories and The Runaways.

bride-in-dream said...

very nice photos! :)