Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Stupid thoughts

So much has been going through my head at the moment. I am questioning everything. And it's quite annoying.
What am I doing?! Like, really. Life is too short to just be making do. I need to just go for these things.
The only plus of all this, is that I have felt the true love from all of my friends near and far away. This means so much to me. They mean the world to me.


lina said...

awww nicola. i've done that a few times in my life. i've had mini freak out sessions where i'm like "WHAT AM I DOING?!" there is something called the quarter-life crisis & i think i've experienced it a few times. see here:

i'm always here if you want to talk or need anything : ) miss you bunches!!

the tea drinking english rose said...

And you mean the world to us!!!!

Love you tonnes and tonnes.
We do need to actually step out of our comfort zones and go!!!
We belong in a creative bubble and loving life not dragging our feet through this mundnae town.

Lets both escape and look forward to the future!!!



Lizzi said...

It's ok to feel that way. I feel like that a lot. I think it's hard to cross the between chasing our dreams and going after something because it's so much easier to feel safe and comfortable. I'm glad you've decided to follow your heart!

Go for it Nicola! I believe in you! *cue inspirational music*