Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Currently enjoying my week off work by staying up super late, looking at old photos, watching the office (English one), sorting out my room, visiting London, buying lots of cards/postcards, and just chilling out.
It's been really nice. Forgetting about work for a little bit and just enjoying life. So looking forward to the end of the week, as I am going away. It's convention time! Can't wait to see my friends, and just hang out and stuff. Just really looking forward to escaping for a few days. Just worried about seeing someone I probably really don't want to see, but deep down I do...ugh, I don't know. Just need to see how it all goes.
Anyway, it's 1:30ish...probably should get some sleep. Got lots of packing/washing to do as I leave on Friday. So far I have socks, my Polaroid camera, and a mini Thor figure friend informed me that's all I need...however part of me thinks he was lying.


Lizzi said...

How exciting! :D

Lizzie said...

MIght I say your Instagrams are top notch? And also that I'm super sad I won't be meeting you this summer! BUT, my hope is to send out a package so I can still send my love in trinket and small notes form. I've been hesitant to send from my college until I realized it deals with international mail ALL THE TIME and should be no problem. <3

Plus your washi tape collection is astounding and to die for.

Natalie said...

No, I'm pretty sure that's all you need.

Getting to put work at the back of your mind and just have wonderful adventures with your friends sounds like it will be a marvelous time, of course.