Saturday, 15 February 2014

Burning red

Waking up to this view is just the best. David was actually asleep and Gerri had jumped in the bed. She's a little sweetie, and David is ok too.
So I woke up that morning and got ready. Then David made me lunch and then I got on a train to London to go see Taylor Swift with Ella and Charlotte. Listening to her on the train made me even more excited! 
We all met up, and then decided to go to Drink, Shop, Do for tea and cake. I ended up with their homemade lemonade, which is perfect. So many candles and pretty furniture. Lots of pretty decorations hanging from the ceiling. Also a new frozen yogurt shop opened next door! And that makes me so happy.
Then we went off to see Taylor Swift! We were so excited. Lots of squealing on the tube. We had seats in the gods, but it was super. The atmosphere was great. She's was perfect, and it made me so emotional. Taylor is awesome live! It was the perfect evening, standing up dancing all evening till my feet and voice hurt.

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lina said...

you & david are so cute ;)