Friday, 4 April 2014

Tea for two

Today I went to the cutest restaurant. I saw the cutest see through glass teapot with a beautiful flower inside. I had to have some of this tea. Ordered two different types of the flowering tea. The tea was really refreshing and felt like another form of green tea.
We wandered around today. It was a very relaxed day. Looking in cute shops and stopping for coffee and treats. Just feeling relaxed and not rushing around.
I really can't wait off my two weeks off work, I really need it. I just want to wander around without a care in the world. Not worrying about having to get home early for work or other things. Just being free to enjoy these beautiful evenings.

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Natasha Hill said...

Love the last photo and that tea looks nice and refreshing. Days where you can just take your time are the best, I spend too much time just rushing around. - Tasha xxx