Thursday, 12 June 2014

Summer awaits

Summer awaits. That feeling you get when you wake up and you are so hot. When you realise you ended up sleeping in a tshirt and your pants. When you open a window and it still feels like the room has no air. Little old England has been quite hot recently. Which is nice, because Glastonbury is getting closer and closer. It would be nice not to have to take my wellies. And enjoy the best music festival in the sun, like the first time I ever went. That would be just perfect.
I'm looking forward to summer long days at the beach and cool relaxing evenings. Having ice creams with sprinkles. Drinking so much pink lemonade. Jumping on a train to a cute little town for the day. Wearing my gold glittery sandals. 
Going on picnics, and even having picnics in the garden. Going for drinks in the evening at the local pub. Going for long drives with a perfect soundtrack and the windows rolled down. I can't wait for summer.


Natalie said...

Ugh you make summer sound so wonderful and lovely! And I also enjoy that pants is pants for you and not the same. Eheheh.

Daniela Fliegauf said...

Lovely post! I'm LOVING the summer in Brtain, too - and hoping it never ends (I'm optimistic)! ;) x

lina said...

love the "wellies" & "pants' words ;)