Monday, 18 August 2014

Take to the Skies

On Saturday evening I went to a private view at Beach Creative called 'Take to the Skies', which included some of my work. It was a wonderful evening, meeting people and hearing people enjoying my work.
Displaying your work can always be a fun yet scary activity. Mainly because you are putting your work on show for people to view and talk about. I spoke to a few people who said they really liked my work, so that was just lovely and positive.
After the show I was feeling even more creative and driven. I am always looking up at the clouds for inspiration with colours and shapes.


Maggie Shirley said...

Clouds are the best. I am so proud of you and I just love you. Create all the things!

Natalie said...

What Maggie said. You are amazing! And I'm not surprised that so many people enjoyed your work because... um... everything you make it so great.

lina said...

i'm so proud of you!! your work is brilliant & beautiful. i can't wait until you have your etsy shop up & running. i love your work & am so happy i ended up with some of your art already (from the auction!). the sky is the limit with you!

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Rida Prachi said...

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