Thursday, 18 June 2015

Matalan Oxford street adventure

So I went to London for a couple of weeks for work. I went to help set up the new Matalan in Oxford Street. I was super excited by this! Helping set up such an awesome store with work, and in London! So awesome.
We worked long days, but they were always good. Hotel life is hard to get used to, but it's fine! I loved it after a while. We also got days off, which we could spend in London. My first day off was spent shopping in Westfield, which was where our hotel was. I also ventured to Forbidden Planet for new comicbook day. Grabbed some comics and went for a teylatte and cupcake.
I kept falling in love with pretty items that I hadn't seen before. These clutch bags were just the best! I wanted them all!
After lots of hard work the store was ready to open. It looked just beautiful. Everyone worked mega hard, and the results really showed. This store just looked so amazing, and fancy.
I can't wait for the next new store opening! They are always so fun.

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