Friday, 10 July 2015

Treats all round

The other day I went for lunch with my dear sister in my favourite cafe for lunch. Our boyfriends came too, which is always lovely. I love how even with the age gap we all get on. The boys are really good friends now, which makes me and my sister spend more time together.
We had delicious coffee/tea and yummy sandwiches. Such pretty cups. The view from the cafe is always so gorgeous. Sunny or rainy, looking out of the window and seeing the cathedral is always a lovely sight. 
Later on in the afternoon myself and David treated ourselves to frozen yogurt. It's actually my favourite! And a lovely new little place has opened up in Canterbury. It's been there for a while, but we hadn't tried it. So today was the perfect day!
Beautiful colourful walls and friendly staff make for a perfect little place. We wandered around Canterbury after our yogurt hand in hand. Life is so good sometimes. It's just the little things that make everything so good.

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