Thursday, 5 January 2017

Best friends forever

This post is one of those posts you end up writing when you know you have something good in your life. Someone really special, someone who you can't believe how lucky you are to know them, for you to be your friend. Yes, thats right, your friend. Many years of my life I was not a person with lots of good friends in her life. It took me to grow up and learn the special people will find you later on in life. This friend I seem to be rambling on about is my good pal Tom. 

I was lucky enough to meet him many years ago through instagram. We followed each other for a while, I have no idea how he found me on instagram back then, but he did. We ended up being in the same place at the same time without even knowing it till we had both left. Of course we found this out via instagram. We both had a super interest in cards and other fun things. At the time Tom was even more mysterious because I did not know his actual name, just his Instagram name; foxesandcats. Friends would always call him via that even when I eventually found out his name, that was how he would be known.

So one crazy rainy-storm-madness day we met in Brighton. I remember walking up to the clock tower and seeing his crazy giant hair (he used to have his insane hair, huge) coming towards me. My mum always thought he looked like he could have been a Doctor from Doctor Who. I just remember spending the most amazing day hanging out with him. And we have been friends ever since. It was started with a hashtag; nicolaandthefoxescardventure. You can go back on Instagram and check the photos out. Oh the filters we used. Eek.

I hopped on a train on a tuesday afternoon, straight from work to Margate. Tom and his amazing girlfriend Marta were visiting for Tom's birthday. I went and spent the most wonderful afternoon with them both. Marta is unbelievable perfect for Tom. She is beautiful, creative, oodles of fun, with a pinch of crazy. The good crazy. Because Tom has always been a little bit out there, I mean all you have to do is ask my mum about his head in the tumbler dryer incident, these two are just meant to be. It makes me so happy to see him happy.

I am very lucky to have found a friend in Tom. He has always been so supportive of my art work, and has always pushing be to be better just like David has. Having both of them is something so special. I still think its so amazing that platforms like Instagram, twitter, blogger and just the internet in general has given me my favourite people, and I will always be grateful for that. Forever.

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Charlotte Judge said...

this is so lovely, I love your throw back grams!