Sunday, 5 October 2008

around and around..and then around again

ahhh it was such a long journey from my cute little my flat in a big city. and i feel really sad...i am missing home like crazy. my family and friends, everyday routines. i went our for dinner with my friends, sort of like a going away thing, even though i am only going to uni, and will be back at Christmas! but it was fun none the less! when i got back to Nottingham, and the flat...i felt so weird. and then my other flatmates arrived, and i felt a little better. we all decided to go out to the goose fair, which is like this giant fun fair, and its only on once a year. rides including the waltzers and the ghost train which we went on..which was very funny. and hot donuts were shared. then we headed home. all very tired from our long day.
being back in my cute little room is lots of fun. i keep finding all my little bits that i have missed over the summer. my odd bits. its really cool that i have two rooms! i am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. even though i am missing people like is nice to be back :)


beverley said...

awwwwww! your blog is so interesting.

Vi said...

your pictures make me happy (:

Anonymous said...

The Goose Fair looks brilliant! I guess it takes time to get used to living away from everyone - I recommend filling up your time with nothing but fun! :D

holly said...

N&N wasnt that a good book!
i was kinda disgusted when i saw the preview but happy none the less.
i love seth, seth cohen that is!

Sophia said...

i love your pictures! your blog is so visually fascinating!

i linked you =]

Nicole Then said...

love ur blog! pictures are pretty awesome