Tuesday, 4 November 2008

art and toys..what else do you need in life??

still reading..and loving every minute of it. i can't get enough..however, finding the time to read is the hard part.
oh i decided to wear my very cute necklace i got a couple of weeks ago. its so sweet. the guy who makes these is so nice i love it! .i went to London on Monday and looked at art. i love going to visit art galleries..it makes me smile..and feel very arty. today i had another booster workshop, which is a workshop with a theme, my one is about using found objects and thinking about landscapes. within my work i am thinking about creating odd animals and the 'lands' or 'worlds' they may come from. i created one little world today. i have made quite a few now, this is one of them;
while in London, we went to a few shops..i got a very cute deer and some new vinyl toys. yay.


Anonymous said...

Once you have finished the Twilight Saga I would highly recommend The Host, by Stephenie Meyer as well. It's really good. :]

Alyssa said...

I am glad I make you smile :)
and I absolutley adore that necklace!

beverley said...

ECLIPSE! wooot wooot! :)
yes, it is so hard to find time these days!
i love your little 'world'. I wish I was that creative!

the tea drinking english rose said...

is it possible to be in love with a deer?

i think i want him in my bedroom! please? he would like it on my windowsill.

hayleeey said...

I have the whole Twilight saga and read them all within two weeks! Im re-reading them again and am New Moon :)

You should know by now that i LOVE your work!

I saw the picture of Gemma A dripped in oil on the bed, WOW, i would go see it but i still need to see Casino Royale!

jane said...

that's a great idea with the strange worlds and animals

WendyB said...

Oh, you have a Labbit! I want one!