Tuesday, 18 November 2008

fly away to a land far far away

i just wanted to post a picture of my wall.. as the very wonderful The crow and the crab posted a picture of her wall and i thought it seemed like a good idea...so here is mine! :)
another day goes by..listening to people talk about art...and me making art. i thought i would show you a little pic of my studio space...(i need to take photos of my work for a talk i am doing next week, and thought i would take one of my space)
just a few more pictures of my little landscapes...today i started to create one of my creatures...i will keep you posted on how its going.
yesterday i went looking through a few vinyl bins and found an old Stevie nicks album, i love the image so much. my dad tried to get it for me a while ago...its fab. and it was only £1.80.
....oh yeah i also forgot to say about these napkins at the exhibiton. one of the artists that belongs to backlit saw damien hirst in new york walking down the street, she asked for his autograph. he wrote on a napkin; his autograph plus a little drawing of a shark. so a few artists at backlit deciced to spend all day trying to recreate this on napkins just for fun, and adding their own style to each drawing. they created loads of hand drawn ones to give away with drinks on the opening night....and here is the one i got with my drink! just a bit of fun! :)
i am just watching the holiday...oh it makes me wish it was christmas time...and that i was at home...i cannot wait!


*jemima* said...

I really really really want your David Tennant/Doctor Who picture.
It is sublime :D x

Rosie Posie said...

Thank you for your wonderful comment!! The star treats were rather delicious!! :)

Your little landscapes are so adorable, and such a nice idea :) I love them!! And that napkin idea is so cute!!

The holiday is one of my favourite films, it is so lovely, I watched it just last week :) The two ittle girls with the hotchocolate, with 5 marshmellows, who cut out beautiful stars, are so sooo cute!!

Take care!!

pumpkin soup said...

nice post, I also like your header!

Lavender said...

nice picture wall.

jane said...

omg I love your little landscape projects, they are inspiring me! I love seeing peoples art-work spaces.
And your wall is very colourful ;)

beverley said...

when I saw the Holiday for the first time last year, I couldn't stop swooning over the gorgeousness that is Jude Law. He is simply divine.

LML said...

that is such a feel good movie!

hayleeey said...

your workspace is like THE. BEST. WORKSPACE. EVERRR! :)

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Oh, how I love to see peoples' art spaces. We should all have to show our "space"...it's always as inspirational as the work itself to me. But then, I love spaces, and what accumulates within them!

Corie said...

i love 'the holiday' its my favorite 'girl movie' ;)