Thursday, 22 January 2009

my brain will work

ah sorry about the lack of posting!! i have been back at uni nearly a couple of weeks now. and i have had so much work to do!! hope everyone is good! and as soon as i got back, i went and saw twilight (again) with friends. and they loved it too!
my two big crushes still are rob and michael. i am looking forward to see nick and norah's infinite playlist at the end of the month! i cannot wait, i have waited so long. the book is amazing, and i am still a little confused at the trailer with norah asking nick to be her boyfriend, when it should be the other way around...but hey ho, i will let it play out and see what happens.we have got mid-point review coming up in the next few days. we are having an exhibition as well. its all good practice for our final degree show..eek. and we are having a party afterwards. so i have been really busy trying to do work and sort things out.
i have not really been doing much other than that. oh have been reading my moomin book i got for my birthday last year.


Raina* said...

OOH! Tell me about art school! I am considering it, but everyone keeps discouraging me. But I so want to. Please. Do you enjoy it? What's your major? Tell me what it is like... rofl. I'm sorry if I sound too nosy. :)

thedrifterandthegypsy said...

what school do you go to? just wondering, after what Raina* said. and i didn't know nick and norah's infinite playlist was a book! i must go out and buy it now :)

lina said...

oh my! i was wondering if you took a very long vacation! i miss your posts!
i'm a little worried about school this semester, although i don't start back until the 26th. i'm super glad i still have a few more days of freedom.
& is nick & norah's infinite playlist not out where you are yet? that is so sad!
ok ok wow that was a longer comment than i was expecting...anyways, happy days to you!

Allison said...


Thanks for commenting your favorite movies, that kind of thing interests me.


erin meagan said...

yay! a new blog post!
i loved those pictures.

oddgirldiaries said...

hey,as always your photos and works made my morning. :-) my brother teases that i find michael cera attractive. thanks for your encouraging comment,it feels good to know that i'm not alone in feeling scared about what may happen.

La Fée said...

moomins are cool :D

Elisa said...

they very much twisted the book around, but it was a fun film nonetheless.

Hila said...

I'm yet to see Twilight, but I've started reading the books :)

Good luck with all the uni work - I can sympathise!

Eve said...
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Eve said...

hehe nice blog ^^
michael cera is my bf :P
hehe j.k!
but i do love him!!!!!!
*_* I fell more in love with him in the movie, nick and norah! saw it 2 times hehe. U'll like the movie for sure! xD
would u like to check out my blog? :o) maybe u'll like to become a reader of mine ^^ would be lovely!
<33 well toodles ^.^