Thursday, 19 August 2010

me in the corner

so life at the moment consists of work. i have been doing crazy shifts at work, and working until 12 at night moving the store around getting ready for the new season. its really interesting, and i have been having a go at vm stuff, and learning lots and lots. i am really enjoying it. apart from work, my spare time has consisted of making mix cds. my lovely friend charlotte has got me into making them, i am also having a go at making cases and cover art, so that's what i have been doing in my spare time. making a mix cd is really hard, the songs need to fit together just right to work. other than that, i have been getting ready for my sister's birthday, which is today. present buying and decorating the house for her bbq today. hopefully the sun will come out to play, and we can all have a drink in the garden in the sun.


The Curious Cat said...

I used to love making CD covers with old magazines - but don't really use CDs anymore...sounds like work is mental! Make sure you take some well earned rest here and there! xxx

AlwaysAlice said...

hoping the sun will come out for you! LOVE your blog :)

enjoy what's left of summer!

sara said...

i love love love making mix cd's. they make perfect gifts! and designing covers for them is so wonderful. i love making homemade paper cases.
hope you're wel :)

▲my• said...

Mix CD's are so very fun to make! One of my favorite hobbies! :)

ccap said...

Hey there. You don't know me (and I guess I take that chance that you think this is spam) but I host a group of people on yahoo where we swap cds with other people around the world. We come up with the swaps (some are easy - bands starting with "The" and some are more difficult - musical instruments scavenger hunts).

I came across your blog by googling "love mix cds" and I wondered if perhaps you'd be interested in joining us. There's no obligation to join any particular swaps, they're completely voluntary and you only sign up for the ones that interest you.

If this appeals to you at all please email me at

You or any of your readers.