Friday, 30 July 2010

just keep swimming

i had a super amazing time last weekend, at my friends. it was so nice to catch up with Claire and Laura and do lots of fun things. we went to a comedy club in the evening for Claire's birthday, it was so nice to just sit and laugh out loud, and eat lots of sweets..haha, it was awesome. just hanging out was really nice. its strange because we all used to live together and spend all our time together, but now we hardly see each other, and we try to as much as we can. but we have all got different lives now...its strange.
other than that, this week has consisted of cinema trips to see eclipse and toy story 3, dinner with friends, drinks with other friends, spending money on the internet, watching everwood and will and grace on repeat, thinking about my future in art, enjoying work, laughing lots, reading the last volume of Scott pilgrim, making new artist trading cards, visiting my grandparents, talking about really grown up things, reading, and tidying my room...finally.

..i need to draw more. that's my new aim.


▲my• said...

Toy Story 3! Scott Pilgrim! Oh My!

Sounds like you had an enjoyable week. It's always nice seeing old friends.

lina said...

yay for artist trading cards! i haven't made some in a while... :/ now i want to make some.
happy you had fun! sounds fun.
eclipse? what do you think?
& i thought toy story 3 was a good ending to the series but a little creepy/scary at times!

oh are you going to enter the atcs into the richmond gallery this year? i'm planning to.

beverley said...

its been SO long since i've read/seen your blog! It's great to see you're still blogging and seeming to be having fun!

Jane said...

omg i have one of those plant heads!!

Maddie M. said...

Oh my goodness, I miss you like mad! I just realized we haven't talked in forever, and this needs to be fixed. Life has been crazy for me, but things are finally calming down now.
xoxo Maddie.

AlwaysAlice said...

oooo i love the image for the ladie's room of the girl who has to tinkle!

AlwaysAlice said...

oooo i love the image of the girl who has to tinkle for the ladie's room!