Friday, 1 October 2010

oh well

hello----i had a lovely chilled out time away. being in the woods was very twilight like, which me and my sister quite liked. the weather was nice. went for walks, went swimming late night, painted a plate Scott pilgrim style, brought gifts for friends, visited a cute town, watched movies, had log fires, and took photos...which i sadly lost to a rubbish new memory card, that i had to take back to the shop the other day, so bye bye photos...bah..bad times.
anyways, now back home, back to normal life, although fun filled adventures await with old friends and new.
still obsessed with Lea...she is awesome. currently wanted to go see Jonathan Geoff in deathtrap in London, taking photos all the time with my plastic cameras, wanting to meet simon pegg at his book signing on the 23rd in london, reading so many magazines, drawing with my spirograph, jumping around because strictly come dancing is back---(loving Matt so much, Matt to win!) and watching my big bang theory season 3 DVD. any ideas of anything fun to read or listen to???

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▲my• said...

Oh, and I am very jealous of your Diana F... just saying.