Monday, 22 November 2010

with love

so work is kinda crazy at the moment. i am working so hard, and i feel as if i am learning alot. but its alot of pressure. some friends are really making me smile with talks of christmas get-togethers and others are really not making me feel that great, and some are just daft and funny.
one of my friends isn't feeling that great at the moment. his dad isn't very well, and hes going through a rough time. its really hard in situations like this because i never know the right way to act, and how to handle it. i guess all you can do is be there for the person if they need you. he did say that having random silly sci-fi chats with him have helped him, so that's a plus.


lina said...

is that my camera?? yours has been traveling around in my purse lately :) & your package is all assembled, but i still have to write your letter! ugh. not the greatest pen pal right now!

oh & i did get the atc zines in the mail!! our card looks sooo good! :))

shelbyisms. said...

you have a very attractive purse, you know.