Saturday, 22 January 2011

adventure wanted



ok. work is kinda crazy at the moment, you can't do right for doing wrong...and that sucks. you know when you all band together, and you try so hard to get everything done, and done right..and you all think its alright...but then your boss comes in, and its ALL WRONG. so that means you all have to come in and do more really late shifts, and do more work so you can then be told its wrong. hopefully work will get better. everyones stressed. which, it probably why everyone is feeling like this. i do feel that i live at work at the moment. i need something creative to help my head. need to write more letters, send more packages to far-away-friends, i need to take more photos, watch more movies, listen to more music, just get out and be free for a bit.
ahhh this post sucks. i want the normal me back.


▲my• said...

Hope you get that adventure soon!

I just finished Matt Smith's first series. LOVED IT.

I can't wait 'til we get the Christmas special, and the next series over here. Probably about a year... :(

shelbyisms said...

ADVENTURE. Goodness. I'm in the process of buying a new car (I'm set on an old, 92ish red BMW but the boyfriend and my Father think that, for travelling purposes, I should just buy a Mazda 2, NO FUN!) and I saw an add for a car that had "room for adventure." And I thought, "I need that."

Take some time off of work. You deserve it.

lina said...

: ( i am sorry you are feeling down. but it has been a couple of days, i hope you had some kind of adventure! i've been having really good days lately & i think it is because i've been getting up in the mornings & going for half hour walks. when i wake up i REALLY don't feel like going out & getting up, but i do anyways because i know that i am going to feel really good afterward. maybe you should try it! it's like a little mini adventure : )

Lauren said...

It sounds like you deserve some me-time. The nice thing about all those activities you listed is that they're easy as hell to do and require next to no effort on your part. Just pop in a movie and let the actors do the work. I second Lina's suggestion of a long walk -- it's dreamy, if the weather's willing. :)

Jane said...

aw that sucks about work :( I hope things get better! <3
ps. I got your letter and am slowly writing back to you :)