Sunday, 30 January 2011

i'm with you

while i write this post, i am listening to home- by Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros...over and over.....and over. i am in love.
so today started off with me getting out of bed at 8.45am. getting dressed, trying to sort out my hair---i have really bad bed hair in the morning...does that mean i sleep well..or not? anyway, went downstairs and grabbed the sunday paper, got up to date with the days news, eat some frosted cereal of some sort, went to work. then we had a group team brief at the start of the working day. got on to the subject of a of my colleagues didn't know what that was. i made the stupid mistake of saying something like, 'ah you know, 'captain's log..stardate...'' before i could even finish i had loads of people starring at me, and a couple of nerdy guys, i am an idiot.
work went quite fast...and before i knew it i looked down at my watch, (which has now been replaced with a new one...a star wars lego watch) to see that it was time to go.
i had an odd dream about a guy i work with last night. its really hard to remember, but i felt really love...and happy. weird.
you guys are awesome. love you all. xx


lina said...

oh my goodness nicola! aha. the little story of the dictaphone was so great. i love you. ha!
& it was so neat to read about your morning routine. i liked it. you sound all grown up & such :))
is this a new moleskine i see to replace the used up one? nice. i have been lacking off of writing in mine lately, but i have slowly started to get back to it.
i hope you are well & all that jazz : )

p.s. we need to post some here & there!

▲my• said...

I love that song.
I could listen to it over and over and over <3

shelbyisms said...

Also, your bad hair is probably actually really freaking cool.

Cap'n NikNak said...

lol awwww that dictaphone story is so cute! lol
My hair is ALWAYS a MESS - even when I am awake. I blame the weather, yes even when it is sunny ;) haha
Its so cute about your dream - are you in love then?! I had a dream about a guy at work and I read too much into it *BIG MISTAKE* next day, I acted all stupid and goofy (SO NOT LIKE ME!) and well, turns out he has a gf now booo lol
Dreams confuse me all the time, you dont know what you should make of them and there is always the possibility that you dont remember all of it.
I love your blog, have missed reading it, catching up now. x