Friday, 27 May 2011

life and such


got work super early tomorrow...blah. however going to a bbq in the afternoon. should be fun. also looking forward to hanging out with my nerdy friends while watching the last episode of the first part of the new series of doctor who...i feel a giant cliffhanger coming on.

UPDATE: sorry i was wrong. my friend told me that it was the last episode of the series, to then turn round to me last night in front of everyone and say, "um, no...thats next week.." yeah, i felt stupid.


Em [The Writer] said...

I love your headphones!!!

▲my• said...


Kait said...

I like the UK cosmo way more than the American one! I picked up last month's at a book store. I'm glad to see you are still as lovely as ever but then I didn't expect anything less : )

Cap'n NikNak said...

Hello! Those are very cool headphones <3 Ive started writing a little mail.
Am all done with exams, so am free to do snail mail again! woooo
Will you please email me your address on and Ill reply and email you mine :) x
Hope all is well!