Tuesday, 22 November 2011

i feel like i have come home

so it was my lovely friend Laura's birthday weekend. i went all the way to Devon on the train, from Kent, to London, through London to Devon. the train journey wasn't perfect. i had to go after work, so it was rather busy. at on the floor for most of the journey. apart from when i was standing for a bit, but i had this lovely cute guy to talk to. he was nice. our relationship lasted 50mins. so after the insane journey, i finally got to Laura's lovely new flat. Laura made me and Claire dinner, and it was fab...it just felt like old times. like normal. so Saturday we went to a vintage fair, drank Starbucks, went for a drive to the seaside, had the most amazing soup and cream teas in a cute little restaurant--in which we drew pictures with pencils and left them there, walked by the sea, looked in cute shops, and then drove back to Laura's to then go out in the evening with her friends. we went to some awesome places, one bar i had mulled cider, which by the way was wonderful especially when you are sitting in the outside of the bar in the freezing cold.Sunday was sad. its the only part that i hate about trips, the waiting to leave, saying goodbye, getting on the train by yourself. journey home was better. although there seemed to be a lot of really rude people on the train. it was really foggy when we were pulling into London. it kinda felt like dementors were going to appear at the windows of the train. once i got to London, i grabbed a red cup, and ran to catch my train home. once i got home i was welcomed by my parents, which was really lovely. long chats about what everyone had been up to over the weekend were had, dad telling my about the children in need doctor who special/Xmas special trailer, and many many many cups of tea.

i am currently obsessed with Christmas---red cups, presents, music, making Christmas mix Cd's for friends, planning the work secret Santa, and making blogger Christmas cards for Amy's exchange...well trying to. i think i may just end up buying them.

also, Ed Sheeran is always on repeat, counting down until the last hp movie is out on DVD...hurry up Monday!!, aww-ing at the big bang theory with Sheldon and Amy--and coming to the conclusion Amy is my favourite tbbt character now, helping blogging friends when they ask...even though i felt like i didn't really help that much, planning mine and Lina's trip, planning Seattle, smiling, laughing, enjoying being me, drinking so much tea---dad has got me addicted again, and chilling in coffee shops and drawing.love you all.


Maggie Shirley said...

Dearest Nicola, I love you so. And you truly did help me so much! I wouldn't have known where to start without you. <3

And I am so, so excited for all things Christmas, especially the blogger things. Can't wait to find out who I have for Secret Santa! Also, I hope Seattle works out for all of us. If I or anyone else doesn't get to go, I will be so upset.

sara tee said...

it's looking like christmas time already C:


Camille said...

Hi, we don't know each other, but we're both part of the blogger family on facebook!

Just wanted to say hi, and that your blog seems interesting. So hi =]

Bookish.Spazz said...

Ah! Everything you do looks so fun!

I've started planning for my blogger secret santa as well :)

Natalie said...

It looks like such a wonderful weekend. I'm so jealous that you can go to the sea! But you're right, saying goodbye is always so bittersweet...

I, too, am ridiculously excited for Christmas festivities! Especially Christmas food. And the blogger family Secret Santa :)

Anonymous said...

hi, hi, hi!

can i just say that your weekend by the seashore looks magnificent? ahh, the view looks gorgeous. <3 also, loving all the sweaters and cardigans! it's a reminder that winter is beginning to settle in.

haha, i've been on a recent christmas as well! it's no wonder, though - it's my favorite holiday. :) stringing lights around my windows, making giant paper snow flakes, christmasy music: definitely feeling it!

tea is elffin' delicious.

shelbyisms said...

it seriously looks like christmas <3

i hope you're doing well <3