Wednesday, 30 November 2011

in the air

I went to London at the weekend with my family. we went to do a little Christmas shopping. London was so busy, and it felt just like christmas. we went to Covent garden, and the decorations were beautiful. I got most of my Christmas shopping done, with lots of cute/random/crazy gifts for friends brought.kinda fell in love with whoever put Matt Smith in this pose in the cabinet in forbidden planet. I couldn't stop laughing.this also made me smile while walking around drinking my eggnog latte wrapped up in my giant scarf.planning adventures with Lina recently has been booking where we are going to stay is Paris is making me very excited. ALSO...its the 1st of December as i write this!! going to get the Christmas songs out and finish making my blogger Christmas cards! :D

In other news, work has been rather stressful at the moment, i broke down a couple of times yesterday--purely because i feel like i work so hard and other people just come along and ruin it. its my day off tomorrow, and i feel like i need it.


Lizzie said...

If I could shop in London during Christmas time I would a) become broke and b) become seriously broke. Seriously, I would probably fall in love with everything and yeah .

A trip to Target this weekend is essential. Time to stock up on cute stationary and other super secret art supplies! :)

Perhaps I'm too preoccupied thinking about college and stuff, but I haven't gotten into the Christmas spirit yet. Hopefully that will change. It just now got "cold" in Florida...

Yes, you deserve time off!!

Maggie Shirley said...

Shopping in London sounds lovely. London sounds lovely. I want to go to London. And Paris. Still so excited for you and Lina! Seriously so cool that y'all get to do that.

And I hope everything is okay. You deserve a million days off.

Love you, faraway friend.

sara tee said...

It finally hit me when I was ordering a gingerbread latte at starbucks today that it is officially the holiday season. so exciting! :D

Natalie said...

Ugh, London at Christmastime. What part of that sounds wonderful to me? Oh yeah, ALL OF IT! And that is really just so awesome that you and Lina are going to Paris, together. Oh, the amazingness of our blog family.

I still actually have to *start* the blogger Christmas cards... woops. I WILL DO IT, I SWEAR.

And yes, definitely take some time off to relax! That's vital.