Tuesday, 13 December 2011

it's been another year

so its December...and Christmas is very very very close. mega excited for Christmas. putting the tree up tonight. we had to wait, because mum and dad are always like, 12 days before Christmas..and all that stuff. and i have been working weird shifts, and have been out recently, so finally doing to decorations tonight. i am currently eating apple pie and custard while i type this...its making me feel all warm and fuzzy....plus trying not to get custard on the keyboard, as dad will yell at me.
i decorated my room a while ago with paper chains and snowflakes. my room is in such a mess, paper, wrapping paper, presents, bags all seem to be covering my bedroom floor. i guess that's Christmas for you. the weather has been rather odd recently. i have given up hope of it snowing...it never will. maybe after Christmas, but never before. last night it rained so much. so much so, work flooded..and there was water everywhere. in other business, i have been surprised at work with an Xmas present from my old manager, wrote Christmas cards, had a lovely meal with close friends, exchanged some Christmas presents, watched movies, had dinner cooked by friends, watched HIMYM again from the start, wrapped presents, and have been listening to the Christmas song by the raveonettes. i am obsessed...its my new favourite Christmas song. ok my apple pie is cold now.


Laura said...

Yay for feeling christmassy. When i lived at home my dad didn't let us put up the tree til Christmas EVE!! He said it would lose it's magic otherwise or something! But I've broken the rules now i've moved out hehe.

Sarah~Mechelle said...

Your so right with things being all over the bedroom floor = Christmas!
I had to smile at your list, I've been meaning to write one of my own, as I'd hate to miss out on the Christmas excitment and have to wait a whole year again to do it.

Definitally would like photos of your decorated home! I've been meaning to post some of my own... I'm a terrible lover of Christmas!


Lizzie said...

This post makes me really excited for Christmas! I am also envious that the weather is cold and you can therefore drink hot things and not feel weird. It's just not fair, haha.

I think I should go listen to that song and work on my package to send to you. It's now become a meld of both fall/winter gifts. :)

Take care, lovely!

Kayleigh said...

I love the decorations! SO awesome! :)

Horray for Christmas!!! :D

lina said...

your room looks awesome decorated! (can't wait to see your room for real!)
i love seeing little things i've sent you around your room. makes me happy.
i can't believe christmas is almost here! it's crazy.
love ya!

Maggie Shirley said...


Also, hooray for HIMYM, and I do hope it snows. Most of the time in Texas, it doesn't snow when it's supposed to. I would rather wait until March or April and then snow and ice so much that everything closes down.

AND I WILL ACTUALLY REALLY BE SENDING THAT PACKAGE SOON. You know, the one that I told you about before this semester started? Three months ago? Yeah, that one.


Em [The Writer] said...

Is it weird that I love your dvd collection? And HIMYM <33333 Hope you have a lovely Christmas!