Friday, 30 December 2011

totally awesome

so Christmas.

Christmas was nice. however, i feel that i have lost that Christmas feeling. don't get me wrong, i had an amazing time, laughed lots with family, got such super gifts, eat lots, watched Christmas telly...just don't have that excited nature anymore. i guess that's what happens when you grow up. i spent Christmas day with mum, dad, my sister Victoria, and nan and gdad. it was very chilled out. mum did an amazing job with lunch. best dinner ever. i got so many wonderful gifts from family and friends. my favourites included Neville's wand, harry potter Lego, a giant Tim Burton book, a giant harry potter behind the scenes book, and doctor who series 6 on DVD.

watched doctor who at 7pm on Christmas day. i waited all day for it, and to be honest....i was a little disappointed. part of me really wants to like it, just because we have to wait such a long time for it. i can see why people loved it, and things were good about it, but it didn't feel right. that's just my view of course. well to be honest, i think the problem was i was just waiting for Amy and Rory to be in it. the last 5mins very perfect. i cant believe the ponds are leaving...however i am really really looking forward to finding out who the next companion will be.
work had been stressful recently. but all i am thinking about is how i have two weeks off soon...that's keeping me going. i cant believe Lina will be here soon, it doesn't seem real. mega excited. its funny, because i forget for a sec, and then someone will say, 'so when is your friend getting here?' and i stop and thinking, 'oh my goodness! not long!'.
other news, my best friend got engaged, i met my other best friend's new boyfriend---who in fact is a really he lie, started planning birthday bits and pieces for my other other best friend, seriously started tidying my room and getting rid of things---new year and all that, watched nearly all the episodes of the big bang theory and how i met your mother for Christmas, watched all the harry potter movies again, got really annoyed with stupid friends, got a message from a really old friend, cried watching the 50 greatest harry potter moments, and got post from Maggie today...and its new year's eve tomorrow. staying in drinking lemonade and playing board games i think. i am so freaking cool.


Bookish.Spazz said...

Ah, everything sounds so exciting!

I know what you mean about lacking that Christmas-y feeling. I was uber sick on Christmas and all I felt like doing was staying in bed.

I liked the Doctor Who special, but for some reason it just felt like a regular episode to me. Nothing too grand or anything about it. I'm sad about the Ponds too, but my excitement to see who the next companion will be kind of overshadows it. Deep down I know he most likely won't have another ginger companion for a while, but oh well :)

Hope you have a nice New Year!

Em [The Writer] said...

Oh that sounds like a wonderful Christmas! And that's so exciting about Lina coming too and your friend's engagement! Ahhhh so many things to celebrate huh?

lina said...

this post made me really happy. i am so excited, but i feel that i have to be actually on the plane for it all to actually sink in. it still seems so surreal!
i didn't know that the ponds were leaving! :( makes me sad....but i am curious to see who is next!
happy new year!!
oh & you looks so lovely in these photos!!