Tuesday, 19 June 2012

It's just a little thing called time

So, I am really bad at this blogging thing at the moment, and to be honest I haven't been that busy. Well, I have done a few bits and pieces over the last few weeks. Main things that I can think of would be going to the seaside with my friend Ella to see Keane. Oh they were perfect. And we were so close too, I could nearly touch Tom. Tried...it didn't work. It was wonderful to see them again, and singing along. Once the gig was over, on the drive back home, me and Ella just sang out hearts and lungs out to their songs, such a wonderful night.
Other than that I went to london with my best buddy Sarah. It was a comic book hunting day really. We also ended up going on new comic book day, so lots more comics were brought. All I seem to be spending my money on at the moment would be comics and food.
Also super saving nearly every penny for my trip to America, for the blogger family meet up, and staying with Lina. Which is coming around quite fast. Plus LFCC in a few weeks, cannot wait to be surrounded by so many of my friends and meeting famous faces.
Plus, Rogue Events have announced they will be doing a Big Bang Theory convention next year, totally going to that...plus a Doctor who convention in Nov had been announced by Starfury, and billie is going...really need to be able to make that!
In other news, my room is actually tidy for once. I am rather proud. Also, mega in love with my new t-shirt that came in the post today.


Bookish.Spazz said...


Also, I'm uber jealous that you SAW KEANE. NICOLA WHY ARE YOU SO COOL?

Also, I'm going to the post today to mail you your wand! :D

Lizzie said...

I wish I could go to a concert! But I'm glad you had a great time seeing Keane. :)

RE: I miss you too, Nicola! I think after I write this I'm going to put on your mix cds and finish putting together your package so I can send it this week! 'Cause I'm finally free of too many other obligations! :D

Natalie said...

Your t-shirt is actually fantastic. SO MUCH WANT.

The concert sounds so fun, and also just the ability to be able to take a trip to London for the day makes me so jealous. :) I can't wait for Seattle!

Sparklegirl said...

I wish I could go comic book shopping with you! Where abouts in America are you visiting?