Thursday, 28 February 2013

Getting on that train again

So yesterday was fun. Went to London for the day with my good friend Charlotte. Went to see the Rain room exhibition at the Barbican. Well that was the plan. By the time we got there, the queuing time was up to 6hrs...we didn't fancy that, so decided to give up and explore London for the day.
Many cute shops and little gems we visited. I really miss London. Being 40mins away by train is great, but I really need to move here. Went in so many perfect gift shops, full of so many cards that I wanted to purchase. I fell in love with these wonderful necklaces, they are so quirky and cute. The little yellow bows finish them off perfectly.

We so went for tea and cake at Drink, Shop, Do..which I love so much. It's perfect. Sweets in teacups, art on the walls, cute furniture, what more could you want?! It was a perfect chilled out day.
Then I come home to announcements for HW5...and my twitter feed went crazy. Roll on October.
My creative brain has been working a lot recently. Planning lots of different things, which turns out to be rather fun!


Natalie DiCenzo said...

"...the queuing time was up to 6hrs...we didn't fancy that..." I MISS YOU AND YOUR WORDS AND ACCENT SO MUCH. Sigh. But anyway, I'm endlessly jealous that you can just casually take day trips to London every now and then because it always looks so wonderful and makes me want to be there so badly. MOVE THERE! Then when blogger family goes to London we can all just cram into your place. That's totally doable, right?

Carissa Clark said...

Tea and caked shop? AH, say no more! :)
I love this, so wonderful!

Kaylie said...

Oh how I dearly hope I get into the London program I applied to.

▲my• said...


Maggie Shirley said...

It makes you happy that you get to take so many little trips. Also, I felt the exact same as Natalie with the "queuing" and the "fancy". OH YOU. Love and miss you! IT IS MARCH 1ST BUY YOUR TICKET AND COME LOVE ME!