Thursday, 14 March 2013

when it rains

I really wanted to get on top of blogging again...yeah, that really didn't happen. I kept thinking, I must blog, must blog...just something. And then didn't. Ugh.
ANYWAY, life recently have been busy. Never seem to have much time to stop and think. To be honest I kinda like that. My head is too cloudy to stop and think. Go, go, go...that's how it needs to be at the moment.
Been on lots of trains recently. I am addicted to trains. They take me places. I know that's their purpose, but they take me to wonderful places, full of the best people. Went to stay with my friend Mandy for her birthday weekend. That was crazy mad fun. Lots of dancing, meeting new people, tape buying, photo taking, where's Wally, crane making, and other crazy stuff. Highlight was waking up Sunday morning with a grasshopper jumping around, and my friend trying to play monopoly in her sleep. Perfect.

Also, brought my ticket to Austin. My bank card nearly exploded...and I now have no IT'S SO WORTH IT. ARRGHHH. I honesty can't put into words how excited I am to see everyone again. I miss everyone all the time, every day, always. It's so awesome of the connection with these wonderful people I have. I am so grateful for this, and I always will be.
So, I have been up to a few arty things. In my spare time (if I am not on a train) I have been spending the really little time I have sat at my desk creating things. I am feeling so creative recently. That's due to an awesome friend. But having that creative drive back again is a joy. And this makes me smile.


the tea drinking english rose said...

I love this so much!
I also love that you have been super crazy creative recently! It is so good!
You needed that kick up the bottom!

Hugs and train tickets

Dillon said...

"Addicted to trains" Haha Nicola you're great. I can't wait to see you again, this time in Texas! Keep being creative, because you make some awesome stuff! I love your drawings.

Lizzie said...

I love how consistently artsy and crafty you are! I love checking your Instagram and seeing your latest creation. :)

RE: YESSS!! We should both take a bunch of instant photos in Austin. :D

maggeygrace said...

Nicola.... I have never, never been on a train. Do you hate me? I hate me for it, too. SO it's okay. You are the cutest. AUSTIN!

Natalie said...

TRAINS! You have so many little adventures. I love it. And GAAAAH NICOLA. I'M SORRY YOU'RE SPENDING ALL OF YOUR MONEY ON SEEING US. I WISH I COULD PAY YOU FOR COMING HERE. It's going to be so, so worth it. I am so excited to see you. And that's fantastic that your creative juices are a flowin'.

Naville said...

on that little map I can see Monterrey, where I'm from!


Inspirations Have I None

▲my• said...

Super excited about Austin!