Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Always waiting for sunshine

So the weather has been so rubbish recently. I just want spring. It's still so winter like here at the moment. And so cold. Don't get me wrong, I love wearing jumpers and drinking hot chocolate, but I long for the days of just wearing a hoodie instead of a coat, wearing my sunglasses, and beautiful blue skies.
Thinking about the fact I am going to be 26 in less than a couple of weeks is rather scary. EEP. Totally feel like I am getting rather old, and I know that's silly.
Been seeing and spending time with close friends recently, which has been rather perfect. Also went to see Macbeth with James McAvoy. Ohhh man, it was brilliant! James was so awesome! I mean he's a brilliant actor, but seeing him live makes me love him even more. My friend Claire ended up getting rather strange tickets for the show...we ended up being on the stage. It's so hard to explain, but there were 5 rows of seats in the stage. Such a weird and brilliant experience.
Currently obsessed with clouds, second hand book shops, planning trips, London, old photos, the new Star Trek movie, Doctor Who being back on, Jenna-Louise Coleman, the Voxer app, David Bowie's new album, and making art.


▲my• said...

What a neat experience! On the stage!?! SO COOL!

lina said...

i can't believe you saw james mcavoy live!!! so exciting! that must have been amazing. simply amazing.

Lizzie said...

I am right with you. It's supposed to snow again here. SIX INCHES. It is ridiculous.


Natalie said...

You got to see James McAvoy IN THE FLESH?! GAH

shelbyisms said...

26 isn't old. 36 is older. 46 is old. Don't worry, pal!

We love you. And also, that's AWESOME about James McAvoy!

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

oh my god, I can't believe you restrained yourself from trying to touch James McAvoy <3 <3 I'm rather jealous, I was a bit too late on that one and now it's all sold out ;_; xx