Friday, 2 August 2013

Lets make art from paper

Being back at work super sucks at the moment. I am craving adventure all the time. Anyway, went to London today to met up with my friend Tom, and his girlfriend. This was really nice. We then went to Camden to meet an instagrammer we all love, yellowfi. She's brilliant, I love her art work so much. And have many of her pieces of work. So it was super to see her today! She seemed very happy to see us too, which was nice.
After that we went to the Saatchi Gallery for the Paper exhibition. My favourite part of the whole show were these bags with laser cut trees. They were so clever, and really interesting and intricate to look at. They must've taken a long time to create. 

The detail was what I found most interesting and how long it must have taken to put these together was mind boggling. I admire artists who can create something like this. The artist was Yuken Teruya. 
Then in the afternoon I met my friend Claire for drinks and dinner. Catching up is always fun. Now sleep is needed, although I am watching Penelope right now. On my laptop might I add, and it keeps over heating. Also, I can't find my tv remote, so I can't turn my tv. Super, I know. Who knows where that remote actually is!!?


Lizzie said...

Those pandas. <3

Natalie said...


Oh my goodness, the paper bag trees are so neat. They're so tiny and delicate.