Thursday, 15 August 2013

One life, lets go

So last week I went on a trip with my friends Charlotte, Mel and Ellie. We went to Margate to visit the Turner Contempory. I was really excited about visiting this gallery. It's been here for ages, but just never got the chance, until now. The gallery was a beautiful space. Small, but just perfect.
The exhibition on at the moment was all about cabinets of wonder. So that was kinda neat. So many odd and unusual treasures to be looked at.

After looking at the gallery we decided to go for a little walk around the town. I haven't been to Margate in years, but I have fallen in love. It's perfect. So many cute shops and tea rooms, and SO MANY ART GALLERIES. It's perfect. 

We went to a gallery my friend told me about and the show didn't even open until that evening. But the artist, was wonderful. She told us around the whole show. She was so passionate about her work. It did make me think to myself, what am I doing?! This is someone standing in front of me with so much love and passion for their work...where did mine go? I left the gallery feeling happy. Things have to change. Margate was a lovely place. And chats, tea, cake, art, and friends make the best kinda day.


Kaylie said...

Margate sounds SO LOVELY. Ugh, can't even handle this waiting to go to England thing.... By the way, I found out my program dates--January 7th-April 16th!!!!

I can see you having a show at a gallery. If that's something you want to do, YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DO IT. Because you're awesome and that would be AWESOME.

Jamila Anahata said...

Everything was gorgeous! Especially that little bakery:) your photography rocks, keep up the good work!

Natalie said...

That sounds like a place you would love. And me! One day when I come to visit.... But, I'm happy that it gave you some inspiration. That's always a nice thing.

"And chats, tea, cake, art, and friends make the best kinda day." <3