Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Always on my mind

There are so many creative people around me. I know I am a creative person, I just need to keep telling myself that. After I finished university I had to get a job. It always reminds me of Dawn in the office. It wasn't what I wanted, so I would tell myself I was an artist who worked in a shop. But not, I am a person who works in a shop that likes art. 
I just need to make more time for these things. Going on so many trips to art galleries and creative places is making me so hungry for art. I miss it. I miss living and breathing it all day long. I miss sitting in a studio and having time to create art. It's all about balance. I have to give time back to that side of me.


Dillon said...

I would love to see more of your own work Nicola!

The Tea Drinking English Rose said...

Nicola!! You need to just do it. Saying and dreaming won't let you have this you need to go out there and go!
Go get yourself a small studio space somewhere away from home without distraction and just draw/make/paint!
You need to go grab it whilst you're still hungry for it!