Thursday, 17 October 2013

Feeling alive

So it's autumn. You can feel it in the air now. Wore my new duffle coat yesterday, for the first time. It's colder, and I am drinking more tea. And wanting to drink hot chocolate all the time. I nearly spent £6 on a carton of Eggnog yesterday...I stopped myself. Plus I think David stopped me too...even though he went on to say we would split it. I still don't know why I stopped myself. I want it. So bad. Stupid non-English tradition. America is the best. I stood looking at wonderful pop-tarts and Oreo flavours...why don't we have this stuff in the UK, and when we do, why is it so expensive?! Damn eggnog.
The rain makes me happy and sad. I like to be inside looking outside at the rain. Perfect place would be in a warm coffee shop. Just looking out the window at people rushing by, and watching the rain trickle down the glass of the window. I don't get getting caught in the rain, when I have somewhere to be. However, if I have time on my side, I like being in the rain. The rain falling on my face, making me feel alive, knowing I am awake, that this is all real.

Drinking tea and listening to Lana Del Rey this afternoon. It's so cold I am now in bed, as it's the warmest place. It's autumn. 


Maggie Shirley said...

You're adorable and I miss you. Also, I love all of your pictures.

Natalie said...

^Yes, this exactly.

UGH, remember when we frolicked around Walmart and you were so excited about all the different flavors of everything in the snack aisles? You're great.

Lizzi said...

How lovely!

These pictures make me so happy :)

lina said...

you can make eggnog! there are recipes online. i'd be a little scared to make it, but it's worth a try i think : )