Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Creative mind at work

On Saturday it was wonderful. The weather was perfect. David came to visit me after my crazy night shifts. We then decided to have a BBQ, as my grandparents came to visit for dinner. We decided to have pretty drinks in the hot sun. We went shopping and got lots of goodies for us all to enjoy.
I have been thinking about lots of things recently. Life, and moving forward. Lots of things planned. Starting to sell my work soon, which I am very excited about. And even if people don't want to buy my work, knowing that I am an artist first is really important to me. I know I will never make a lot of money from it, but being happy and creative is where my heart lies. Visiting different card and gift shops, and the current support of my biggest fan is keeping me going. 
My desk is a special place. It's my hub. I am looking forward to new adventures and thinking about the work I can create.


Maggie Shirley said...

You're going to start selling your work?! That's so exciting! I will be first in line.

I'm so happy you've been able to create and feel inspired. You're a great artist, and I love you tons! <3

Lizzie said...

A world where I can buy your amazing art is a fantastic world indeed.

Looking forward to message about potential meet-up dates. In the meantime, I hope you are well and enjoying the summer time. Still so jealous you got to meet Milo Ventimiglia. A picture of him was on my dorm room mirror all last year. <3

Natalie said...

Those cupcakes look AMAZING.

And, um, I am pretty sure I will have to push Maggie down to be first in line to buy your work at this point. You are such a creative and talented person and it's pretty impressive.

Tyndall Lanny said...

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