Sunday, 20 July 2014

LFCC weekend

Recently I have been enjoying adventures at the seaside. Spending time with loved ones at the arcade and eating chips by the sea. Last weekend I went to LFCC with David and my friends.
We queued for a couple of hours to meet Stan Lee. We finally got into the room, and there was this tiny little man. It filled me with so much love and sadness. I was in front of a genius. It was Stan the man Lee. It was very quick but it was wonderful to see him, and get my comicbook signed.
Then we chilled out for a couple of hours and then we had to go to the pre-view evening. As soon as we got into the venue, I ran straight for Jason and Milo. Jason was as lovely as always. He was so friendly and cheerful. And then it was time to meet Milo. I got super nervous queuing up. And then he looked at me, with this giant smile on his face. He was just lovely. I will never ever be able to explain how nice he was. We talked for a bit. Then he took a photo with me. Before I left, I told him that I was so happy to finally meet him, after missing him last time he was here. And he said that it was 7 years ago. Then on Saturday I had my photoshoot with him. I walked up to him, and he said something like, "there she is!" And grabbed and hugged me! I couldn't believe it. I kinda nearly fainted.
Saturday was a crazy day! Meeting friends, running around to see Moffat talk about Sherlock, trying to get autos, queuing, getting in and out of the halls, trying to keep cool and just having fun. Then in the evening we went to a little pub in London with new friends. Plus Billy Dee Williams was in the pub too. Lots of drinks and nerdy card games were played late into the night.
Sunday was relaxed after we had our Stan Lee shoots. We just chilled out watching the madness around us. Plus saying goodbye to friends is never easy. LFCC was super fun. Just a crazy nerdy weekend.


Agost said...

I just love your blog.
All the best!

Becky. said...

Your blog fills me with so much happiness! I'm hoping my next comic con will be the London one! Probably next year though. Glad you had an amazing time! x

Natalie said...

MILO SHOULD BE THE ONE THAT IS HAPPY TO FINALLY MEET YOU. Because you're amazing. And I miss you. I would fly to England just to get a photo with you if I had excess money. Also, you're awesome.