Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Monday adventures

Monday was a good day. I really needed some time to relax. I woke up Monday morning and enjoyed a lay in, while David brought me breakfast in bed. Watched a few episodes of Comic Book Men and just relaxed. We then nipped into town and I sold some of my art work, and I was walking around the corner and saw that this beautiful 1940s Tearoom. It was The Vintage Empire tearoom in Herne Bay, Kent. 
I had to go inside, and dragged David in. We were greeted by a lovely lady. We sat down at this pretty little table with floral wallpaper all around, and 1940s music playing in the background. We had a wonderful local tea and an apple tea. Oh, and plus a cupcake. It was a cute little place where you could purchase 3 biscuits and a glass of milk for 80p, you could also purchase chocolate milk in a carton. So many teas to choose from. We were given vintage teacups and beautiful teapots.
It was so nice just to relax into a peaceful place. It was a perfect day. Work has been so stressful recently, I can feel myself getting really worked up. Sometimes you just need a day to just get back to being yourself. Monday was perfect.


Sugar Plum Eats said...

That spiraled gold teapot is beautiful! I think you found a gem of a tea room.

Anonymous said...

Oh this place looks supercute! I'm jealous x