Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Time for you

So it feels like it's skipped from summer to winter in an instant. It's so cold. Waking up in the morning and having that feeling of chilly feet, and not wanting to get out of a warm bed. The cup of hot tea in the morning to get the day started is a must.
My spare time is filled with watching back to back episodes of tv shows on Netflix, making new art while chilling in my Happy Potter pjs.
I love having that kinda time to myself. Sometimes I always forget to just have some me time. Those moments are important, just enjoying your own company can be so good for your soul. Things like re-reading favourite books, watching unknown movies, making fancy hot chocolates are some of my favourite. It's important to be happy with yourself. I am starting to realise this.

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beenotafraid said...

Love this. My life is almost exclusively "me time" (when I, you know, have free time at all), but I love it. It really is so important to just be able to do things by yourself that make you happy.

Also, seriously, that Batman sweater. I love it.