Friday, 7 November 2014

Coffee for two

On Tuesday after work, I hopped on a train to meet my gorgeous friend Ella for coffee. She took me to the cutest little place in Canterbury. It's just along the cobbled streets. When you first walk in the smell of delicious coffee hits you. The decor made me feel like I stepped into a Wes Anderson film. The wallpaper made me smile, and also remind me of Garden State in a strange little way.
We had coffee and a long conversation about life and such. Enjoying the peace and quite and watching it get dark. It's really starting to feel more Autumn, and very Winter like. Christmas is on it's way. I'm excited for Christmas drinks, shopping, writing Christmas lists, and listening to festive songs. Roll on Winter.


Dillon said...

That place looks adorable. I'd like to visit you in London someday.

Natalie said...

^SAME. Obviously. But like.... it really is something that I demand to do in the not too distant future. Us gallivanting through the city being obnoxious American tourists and you rolling your eyes at how dumb we are but also LOVIN IT. Bah I miss you.