Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Green Door Deli adventure

Being by the seaside is perfect. I feel like I am ready to move. I always loved the idea of the city life, but life by the sea is calling me. Art groups and new connections make it even more appealing. 
But anyway, I found the cutest little deli yesterday. It's called The Green Door Deli, which can be found in Herne Bay, Kent. From the outside you can't really see what you can expect. As soon as you walk through the door the food smell hits you. And the gorgeous smell of coffee.
Cute waiters in aprons meet you, and ask you to take a seat. They then hand you a menu filled with so many options.
At the desk there was an array of different foods. I picked a Christmas gourmet sausage roll. In the cabinet next to the savoury items were the sweet ones. Inside was slices of different flavours of marshmallow cake, salted caramel tarts and other beautiful decorated cakes.
The walls are decorated in a beautiful simple style. You feel very relaxed while sipping your coffee. Places like this are wonderful. A little hidden gem by the seaside.

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lina said...

nice little review here! looks like a place i would love to go :) :) :)