Saturday, 28 March 2015

Disney Tsum Tsum's

So one day I was walking into town and I stopped these tiny little Disney toys in a window. These little toys were Disney Tsum Tsum's. I thought they were ever so cute. When I went inside I remembered that I had some of them on Instagram a few months ago. I got sucked in and had to buy a couple. They are just so tiny and sweet. The problem is, they are just so addictive. Also everyone seems to be obsessed with them also! As it's really difficult to find them now. Every time I walk through the doors of Clinton's I hold my breath and hope they have some. However, it's part of the fun. Trying to hunt them down. I'm really hoping lots of new ones come out soon, like in the Disney theme parks. I am currently being entertained by the app game on my phone. It's so cute...and I must go and play it now.

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Meg Siobhan said...

I see the poster for these in the Clinton's I go past on the bus to uni...they look so adorable! I really need to get some of these, and Funkos as well, come to think of it.