Friday, 21 August 2015

Rainy Margate day

Last week I spent a whole day with some friends. The day started early. We went for breakfast at the American Diner. It was a fond farewell breakfast for my friend Charlotte. She currently now living and studying in America. Of course I am so jealous, and I wish I had done that. I will miss her so much, but I know she is going to have the best time. She's going to learn so much about herself, live life, do things she's never done before and make so many new friends.
After a sad goodbye (I tried not to cry in front of Charlotte) the rest of us headed to Margate! One of my favourite places! We headed straight to the Turner Contemporary. Not just because we were dying to see art, but also because we chose the wrong day to go to the seaside and the clouds had opened and it was raining so hard.
We went to see Grayson Perry's new show. I really enjoyed it, bright colours, work questioning real art and of course what is real art? He is a very clever man. My favourite part was watching my friend Matt (who had never been to any art gallery or show before) experience this show. It's so interesting to get other people perspectives on things, and someone who doesn't necessary like or enjoy art. But he had a good time none the less.
After the gallery I wanted to take everyone for a cupcake in the coolest place, but of course the rain was so heavy and everywhere was packed. We walked through town and then came across the cutest coffee shop. I have wanted to visit for ages, but never did. Now I know I was waiting until this moment. It was so quite, they served good coffee, yummy sandwiches and even had a pile of boardgames. That's a good sign.
Later in the day we managed to get a cupcake, and it was just amazing. David treated me to a pretty little cupcake. But of course we shared each other's.
Then later we went to see my gorgeous friend Emily perform in Whitstable. She was perfect, and I'm so happy I have finally seen her live! She is currently on her seaside tour, you should check her out! Emily Watts music!
It was a perfect end to a perfect day. When we were driving home I just felt so happy. Moments like this are there to be enjoyed and remembered that life is good.

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